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  1. I used IPcop for a while infront of my hardware firewall just to see how hard it would get hit.. i left a few ports advertising for port scanners and it got rooted in all of 5 days. I'm not saying it not a bad firewall system, just make sure you secure it as you would any other box on your network. To be honest i used a really weak password and left almost everything on default on the box ( mostly just to see how long it would survive a-la honeypot ). You can always use a hardwear firewall then have that goto your softwewar box, then have that go to your network just to make things convoluted and wierd for anyone trying to get in. But from my experience, if you dont have something people really want, they are going to pass you up if you look like any challenge if their just rasing zombies for ddos or something as such. Kedearian
  2. reboot in safemode (no network support) hope your admin left a blank password on admin account, or have some other way of logging in ( run mmc and add a new user local admin or something as such if possible.. a lot of admins screw up network secuirty polices and make this possbile ) after this just delete the program, rename it .moo or something as such. Its not to terribly difficult. You could even edit the reg to remote it from running but leave the program intact. How ever this is all stuff that could get you kicked out of school. I understand wanting privacy but there is a cost for using a school computer. Perhapps you should wait untill you get home to do anything that would be questionable. Kederaian
  3. i have a senao 2511ext2 but it doesnt seem capable of capturing/injecting to G only networks. also are there any pcmcia 2.1 complaint atheros cards like the one listed? i'm not sure if that cardbus card would work in my new laptop ( ) Thanks again
  4. Any specific model of senao card that is atleast 802.11g ( 802.11a would be nice ). I have an old senao thats 802.11b and it worked well for that, but most networks now are G which makes a B card less effective.
  5. I'm looking for a new wifi card, probably something thats A/B/G (possibly n)... that i can use for WEP cracking.. I've been out of the scene for a while and now i'm trying to get back to current. This is mostly because my work is thinking about setting up a wireless network and i'd like to show them what a bad idea that is, and a coming in and breaking the wep they are planning to use would be the best way to prove my point. All i have left is a 802.11 b card, which I cant even use to connect to most networks now-a-days. Any suggestions you could give would be great, PCMCIA and USB would be good if you know of both cards that are usable in linux and windows. Thanks again, Kedearian
  6. i saw this site the other day and thought, wasnt the stankdog and co group called the DDP a long while back? just thought it was a bit odd Kedearian
  7. Or you could just reset the bios.. that woudl clear the pw..
  8. you have to define your variable as a CHAR type not int/long or what ever else you were using.
  9. Okay from what i see you want to have a setup like this Cable -> wireless ~~~~~ Client -> wired hub/switch -= clients Right? All you have to do is setup your wireless router as normal, then connect to it with a client that has a wireless card and a rj-45 card. then just set the two card to bridged mode, plug the rj-45 into the hub (or uplink port on switch/router). and plug other clients in. this can also be achieved like this. Cable -> wireless ~~~~~~~~ Wirless© -> clients. Look up how to set a wireless router to client mode© and setup one as such to connect to your first wireless router. then just plug your other deivces into it and you should be all set. ( look at this for an idea of how to setup client mode). Keddy
  10. well, besides the fact this is probably going to get you in trouble, screwing with school networks and all.. the reason you cant RPD to the school computers, is you have to be in the user group "Remote Desktop Users" you can use the net commands in a dos box to add yourself to this if you have local admin, then your all set.. i didnt really read the rest of your post.. but thats about it... this should probably be in the newbie section.
  11. pstools... pslist then pskill (sheep.exe?). I've never had anything pskill wouldnt shut down, so its a pretty handy thing to have sitting around when taskmanager decides to eat it. The pstools package have other handy featurse like remote execution of commands and such.. its good fun. Keddy
  12. Usually with these programs, (others are, pcanywhere, standard RDP) there is a measure of security. Logmein for example uses 2048 bit RSA encryption on the connection.. and password. PCanywhere is just a password.. and rpd is your windows password.. although you can tunnel this over ssh to make it more secure (encrypted anyways). But as with all things, given time and knowledge, all things are exploitable. Keddy
  13. didnt check but vobsub or tmpgenc might do it.. check out they have a huge libary of tools and guids. Keddy
  14. How was it a hacker? The way the story reads, someone just spliced into his phone line and started dialing.. correct me if i'm wrong but it just sounds like some guy trying to make free calls.
  15. For cable modems from Road Runner (i'm guessing all the time warner people) when they run the line to your house, they usualy just put a splitter on the line thats allready to your house, so they dont have to run another from the pole (this also drops cable reception.. suck..) then they just put the filer on one line and use the other for cable.. Now if you didnt have cable they'd just filter the line and drop it to your cable modem.. so you could just get a outdoor splitter, remove the filter, and just run a line to your TV. The legalities of this are in the grey area i think, since your not really "stealing" cable, but your not paying for it either. Keddy