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  1. I was just going through my music (ya, I have written too many songs). Thought that this one in particular may be interesting to you guys Histories (ectomy)
  2. I have a ton of music at my website, but you can get the "best" tracks at
  3. WSH

    My favorite is
  4. You need to say what kind of video card you have. It can be slightly depending on ATI vs. nVidia. Have you tried going into your display properties and setting it up properly through the Advanced tab?
  5. Noone else has said it, so I will: Beowulf cluster them!!!
  6. The paper that you use to print ON can also be traced
  7. Just a note- Road Runner will even cap you even if you go and buy your own cable modem. Not sure if anyone else does, but RR even states this in their user agreement.
  8. Bah, he's proud of it. Now that he can't get the chickadees, at least everyone knows that he used to be able to. He's only being cool because he was done a favor.
  9. I ran Gentoo for about a year and a half, then decided to take all of my systems over to Mandrake. I thought that I'd like the quick recovery if I needed to reinstall my systems. The thing that I forgot, thought, was that I NEVER reinstalled when I had Gentoo on my systems. I am back now, and I must say that the forums is what brought me back, but the lack of a need to ever reinstall is keeping me for good this time!
  10. I have dreams aboout being hit in the head with bags of money after I robbed a bank. I wake up to my wife hitting me over the head with a board. Is there anything wrong with that?
  11. I don't know if I'd call this guy a noob, he's more of a slasher than a hacker.
  12. Open a .doc file with a text editor. You'll see the registered username and company of the M$ software.