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  1. Is there anyone in the southern WV area specifically Beckley area, willing to start up the meetings anywhere in the general area at anytime after 5, anyday, anywhere....
  2. eh, thats is about what i thought...oh well
  3. is there any good Live DVD linux distros out there that would be good to check out??
  4. wow...great link man...thanks
  5. i wasn't limiting myself i was just wondering if there were more out there then the one i allready knew...thanks for the answers...i have copys of a lot of live cd distros...wanted a few live dvd ones to even the score...hehehe
  6. yea...i knew about the cds...i was just wondering if there was any out there...and i didn't know fedora had one...thanks
  7. i have installed mandrake on my laptop and it gets about 1/3 across the status bar and just stops i let it alone for around ten min and decided that it was waaaaay to long for linux to boot, i did the "verbose" thing when you press esc and it gets hung at the point when it checks PCMCIA devices (which i have none inserted) i am almost a complete nix n00b, anyhelp would be appreciated, ohh yea it is a HP Pavilion ze5170 laptop
  8. Thanks Sickboy but you were a day or two to late, i did an hd install of knoppix...thanks for the link i will keep that in mind if i decide to try again in the future...
  9. ok thanks anyways...i just did an hd install for knoppix....which is just fine for me...thanks for the help guys
  10. well....i finally got past the pcmcia part with the first thing (yes i am a n00b, i didn't know how how to type commands in lilo...found out by mistake) anyyyyways, it got past the pcmcia... , but then it went to the very next place (checking for new hardware) and stops right there... ....i think i am gonna install something else...i dunno...anymore sugestions?
  11. thanks i will try that as soon as binrev is over
  12. well...that really just raised the question of why a computer with the EXACT same specs would have a problem like mine, yet he had no problem, (cept his partitioning...which i am about 99.9% sure is not the problem..hehe) i am gonna try another version of nix and see what happens..
  13. Thanks for the link, i have one question, how can i change these things if i dont have the lilo bootloader and it wont go into linux other than failsafe?
  14. it has no error msg it just sits there forever, , (and i am a n00b so how would i go about the pass thing?)