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  1. For you people trying to hack power school try this...... 1st go to(http://powerschool.warsaw.k12.in.us/public/).... This is the url for the warsaw community school district power school. I do know one of my teachers user names...."nneukam".... However i do not have the time or efficent software to figure his password. I have tried "accessdiver" but you have to set you're own key words. With the set up the school has the teachers user name is...the 1st letter of their 1st name......then their entire lastname. Then they create their own password. One thing to keep in mind is that this guy is a huge nascar fan.....gordon, earnhart jr, etc. If anyone has success hacking this, please e-mail me. (mikefairfieldyoung@hotmail.com) Thanks for reading. mallynn99