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  1. HWHQ.com :voteyes: Also, new box for us!
  2. Holy hell.
  3. I also 'can't wait' for BOTR 2. I've made it a habit of scoping the site daily for another episode. It was such good stuff that I have listened to it a few times already. Keep up the great work guys. -C4
  4. Count another vote for the 'bullshit' category. No way in hell. This is just more terrorism FUD. Next they'll blame kids' bad grades in school on terrorism... Videogames funded by terrorists... The Campbell's Soup can is red because the terrorists wanted it that way... They can polish my knob and blame that on terrorism.
  5. :voteyes: I can't say I didn't enjoy it. Video media online isn't as prevalent as audio and text. So it's nice to get some visuals when you can. Of course nothing in the video is new to any of us, and I'm sure most of us here have done everything in the video (maybe not exactly like presented, but in one form or another). However, I can think of a few hundred thousand people that have no idea these sorts of things go on. Granted, some are not ready to know (holy crap did that sound Matrixy or what? ), but some just need a little insight into another world to get themselves started. There are people out there who have different thoughts and feelings than the mainstream and may not know where to go with them. The more alternative media the better. Hopefully someone will be exposed to this that may learn just one or two things, and take that knowledge and grow from it. How many times were you exposed to something you knew nothing about, but managed to retain a few key words (even though you didn't know what they meant) that you later used to feed your hunt for info on the topic? I remember reading the word "phreak" for the first time. I had no idea what the fuck that meant. Harnessing the power of my 386/20 and 2400 baud modem I was able to track down a few BBSes that had primitive search capabilities for the files on the system. Turns out "phreak" turned up lots of weird hits... lot's of text files... matching with "boxes"... pretty soon I had more information than I knew what to do with. I understand that maybe the pizza gag (did he disable caller ID?) might give some people the wrong idea, but chances are they're the same people that really don't have a clue about the world they're living in anyway. Unfortunately these are usually the people that hold office in this country, but they are usually so far into the world as they know it there is no freeing their mind (I swear I'm not doing this on purpose). I must say I thought the quality (not the encoding quality, I shit better DivX than that, the filmography) of the video was above par for a free 'net video. Let's hope it gets more involved. I'm going say, .5, three and a half. Plus, tell me that having subtitles on the Ramzi part wasn't hilfuckingarious.
  6. Haven't seen it yet, downloading now... but, speaking of the bandwidth bill, it occured to me that BitTorrent might be a good answer for distributing these large files. Obviously it relies on uploaders. It only takes a few people and pretty soon the new downloaders are uploading also. If it makes a big torrent site (like SuprNova), even better. They have their own tracker and DDP HackTV would spread like wildfire. All you would have to do is distribute the full file to a few people and the website would have to host the torrent file (torrents are very small, like 40k) and the tracker. I imagine there might also some way to get the site to serve the file as well as the tracker. Just don't provide a direct link to the video until a month or so later. That should really cut down on the bandwidth issues.
  7. WEP

    http://www.cs.rice.edu/~astubble/wep/ (Cracking WEP paper, PS or PDF) http://sourceforge.net/projects/wepcrack/ (Something to look at)
  8. http://www.hwhq.com/RFA_69.mp3 84131a5dc6649f6cbad966a36b327b5b RFA_69.mp3 8,062,056
  9. Exactly. At one of the hotel/casinos I previously worked for they had all the hotel guest records on a box connected to the (weak) network, which of course was connected to the outside world. They didn't listen, yet everytime something minor happened (including running out of disk space...twice) I was first blamed. So when they got hit with CodeRed2 I silently closed it up and never said a word...
  10. Hop on irc.freeNode.net The network is populated by helpful channels, I'm willing to bet there's a #winmodems or something too. Try a distro specific channel (#slackware, #redhat, etc...), or generic help channel (#linux, #linux-help). I hang in #linuxsphere. -C4
  11. Are these DVDs just like "regular" DVDs? It's not like you can't rip it right after you open the package, and either burn it to DVD-/+R/W or even encode it. But, then you're looking at the $4 for the DVD and like a buck and half for a DVD-/+R... this is what Netflix is for. edit{they have to be regular DVDs if they're gonna play in our current players. d'oh. I should read before I speak.}
  12. Check this thread over on Doom9's forum about the adware. Also, there's a calc (Ecuador's?) that will remove the adware for you with the click of a button. Is that the latest Nimo pack you're running? Sounds a little dated. I'd think the community would give him hell over putting in the ad-supported version of 5.xPro. But, don't know, don't care anymore (refer to said fourcc problems above). How are you able to encode anime faster than film? Out of curiosity, are you encoding the anime at something other than 23.976 fps? You can save a lot of space encoding the anime (and everything) at 23.976 fps by just inverse telecining the video. It's a bitch, and is slow, but the return is worth it. What are you using to encode mpeg?
  13. I, for one, love power outages. I guess I'm just low on the willpower these days - I can't pull myself away from my digital castle unless something forces me. It's like SeanK says man, Cyberpsycosis. It's like shock detox when the power goes out. It's nice to light a few candles, fire up some chill tunes (my mp3 player will run for hours on batteries) and read a book, or write, or go for a walk even. Things I should schedule in my week, but never do unless they're forced upon me. Don't look at it as something being taken from you (I know it sucks ass being interrupted when you're into whatever you're doing), look at is a break bestowed upon you. <random thought>...haven't heard from Mr.Interrupt in a long time.</rt>
  14. For comparison : AMD AthlonXP 1900+ (1.6GHz) 512MB PC2100 (2 DIMMS) 2x 40GB IBM 60GXP hdd's 1x 60GB IGM 60GXP hdd Pioneer 116 (16x DVD) TDK 5200B (52x24x48) GeForce 3 (64MB GF3 Pure) floppy Audigy (no box thingy) LinkSys LNE100TX (10/100 nic) Creative Labs DXR2 (Hardware mpeg2 decoder) 7x 80mm HO fans 1 Delta Black +the gpu, chipset, and 2 psu fans. I fried a 350W Enermax PSU with this rig. I tossed an Antec 450W PSU in there and it's been running stable as a rock for like 2 years now.
  15. I used the Nimo pack for awhile. Until I started having fourcc problems because of it. After that I found it best to just do everything manually. Nimo changes the fourcc codes to allow hacing multiple versions of the same codecs installed. It causes a problem when DivX 5.x.x uses DIVX as it's fourcc, but Nimo tells your machine that DivX 5.x.x is DIV5 (or whatever, I know it uses DIV3 and DIV4 and DIVX, I just don't recall for what). Possibly you upgraded another codec when overwrote the fourcc's in the registery, and now you've got WMP trying to play a video which identifies as, say, DIVX, which may be DivX 4.x now, when it should be 5.x. Sounds like you've got things sorted, but I ph33r the Nimo Codec Pack. I've no experience encoding mpeg's, so this prolly has nothing to do with anything (I'm good at these kinda posts huh).