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  1. When you "did security consultant work", did you type your reports without using punctuation as well?
  2. I couldn't disagree with you more. I give security advice all the time to my boss off-the-clock. My boss also happens to be the president of the company. Ditto, although I'm a little bit lower on the totem pole, so I give the info to my direct supervisor, he can pass my findings on up if he wants. I'm sure by finding this flaw the kid basically made it look like the entire district IT dept. hasn't been doing their jobs. Hell, I wouldn't be surprised if there was an entire position or dept just for securing this type of info. I don't know why but for some reason they always point the finger at the "evil bad hacker" instead of reprimanding the person who allowed the breach in the first place.
  3. I've recently found that separate syslog servers are pretty common nowadays.
  4. I actually learned some things in my HS computer classes that I wouldn't have learned elsewhere. I know Office 2003 like the back of my hand thanks to that class, something I wouldn't have spent as much time on otherwise. Also, when it came time for the department to buy new software, I suggested Flash development so we got to make things in Flash for the rest of the year. Yeah, some of it was lame (this is the inside of a computer, wow) but you sit through it and make the best you can out of it, because your going to be spending time in there either way.
  5. Word, wordpress = ownage.
  6. Grab whatever files you want off the drive, then wipe it.
  7. Here's how I learned to debug those:
  8. Yeah dude I just didn't want it to spin off topic, I hate it when that happens. I was in the audience for that presentation. It was a good one, with lots of good info, but you can tell that guy is used to presenting to cops and feds, and not hackers.
  9. Good point, but tor doesn't work that way. It makes a few more hops with your traffic so that all node C knows is it got traffic from B, etc etc. As far as we know, there are traffic analysis attacks that can reduce privacy, but not eliminate it completely. I don't want to jack this dude's thread, so I'll say that I do agree with your point that there really is no guarantee for anonymity in this area. Unless your using end to end encryption, there's no way you can be sure someone isn't sniffing your traffic off a tor exit node or proxy. I really just brought up tor because I've never had much luck with, or really trusted open proxy servers.
  10. I use Tor. It comes with Privoxy and a Firefox plugin pre packaged these days, so it's literally a 1 click configuration.
  11. I got Ettercap and Ethereal mixed up, my apologies.
  12. nmap -P0 -v -A -o scan.txt
  13. First, if you are using ettercap, upgrade to wireshark. Next, read this:
  14. Never used it, but it looks badass. Downloading the ISO now.
  15. Word, this is the first time in 4 years I've missed toorcon, I've met a bunch of SD locals there. I think teklord is the dcgroup contact for SD.