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  1. Yeah what's up with numbers that pick up and DTMF their #s out then disconnect? What's this used for? There's a lot of them around me in the 212 NPA.
  2. I found this thread to be funny.
  3. Yeah. meningrey.net/%5C/. Which is fake. There's a php script that's looking for that character and is letting the user navigate a specific directory. You can navigate up, but not down. Also watch this video: http://meningrey.net/%5C/home/mig/video/ lol The whole website is highly SUSPECT.
  4. Um, I occasionally talk to Adrien Lamo and he's really not such a bad guy... He sounded less than thrilled talking about this whole situation, quickly changed the topic
  5. It's recently been updated to say the same thing, so I don't think the first one is the case. I bet you're right, the machines are probably behind a firewall. Access Control List.
  6. The site is down for me. never mind, up now.
  7. I am the self-proclaimed master of the 212 NPA Seeing how I live in NYC... There's some really interesting stuff here that you can only reach locally. For example, certain numbers that tend to be in 99XX will supervise and drop you right back to your own dialtone. Very useful for messing around with COCOTS. I remember there being another few numbers I found that would force your line to stay open for a set amount of time. There was also a block of 100 numbers that would ring to an analog PBX. Sadly, that was disconnected about a year ago. I did a huge scan of this NPA about two years ago. If I find it I'll post it here.
  8. Are all class b and c network assignments still up to date? For example... - NYNEX NYNEX Telesector Resources Group US - NYNEX-2 Verizon Data Services LLC US - NYNEX-4 Verizon Data Services LLC US - NYNEX-5 NYNEX Telesector Resources Group US - NYNEXCORP NYNEX CORP. US - NYNEXSVCS Verizon Data Services LLC US - NYNEX-B Verizon Data Services LLC U NYNEX is no longer in business. Also, I scanned most of the above ranges. Not a single host up. What's the deal with Verizon keeping this assignment if it's no longer in use?
  9. This only applies to a handful of you here (some of you may have no idea what I'm talking about), but I thought I'd post this here. The reason I decided to post this here on BinRev is because I know a lot of the people this applies to are still here. If it means something to you then great. If not please go ahead and click the back button in your web browser. I owe some of you an apology. Out of my pursuit for knowledge, I've started several communities, websites, IRC channels, and more over the past five or six years. One of my goals as a hacker has always been to unify fellow hackers and share knowledge. My goal has always been real. I hope some of you can truly see that. One of these communities was NetXS and it's associated, private board xsBB. As some of you know, xsBB was up for... say... 3 or 4 months. Over its short life span it somehow managed to grew into a haven for phreaker and hacker knowledge for our era. A lot of really, really cool shit was posted on that board. However, I was reckless with it. I know a lot of you are really pissed off that I took the board down without any warning... And that I left NetXS without any warning... and I disappeared without any warning. Damn, I'm one flakey motherfucker. I'm not really sure why I'm this way sometimes. Real life stuff comes up and I'm quick to shift between my online life as a hacker and my offline life. I have a lot of stuff going on in my offline life that most of you don't know about. I'm not your typical hacker. I'm also a breakdancer, a lover of hip-hop culture, a boyfriend, a college student, a pretty sociable person, and now an IT manager. Hacking has always been a real part of my life. I still consider myself a hacker in the soul. However, it isn't all there is to my life. So I really struggled to keep everything balanced. Still, it wasn't right for me to a) destroy all of the knowledge on that board, abandon a lot of people who looked up to me, c) leave good friends I made here in this very community, and d) pretty much ignore a lot of you and act like a total jackass. So for all of that, I'm sorry. I feel pretty awful. I hope at least some of you can forgive me and see past my actions and see my intentions with a lot of this. Why am I bringing this up now after all of this time? Well, I decided to check my e-mail account for lord 0xf and I found a few really angry messages from some people about my irresponsible actions. Many were upset. It hadn't occurred to me just how important the XS community was for many of you. So again, I'm sorry. I promise that in the future If I am going to get involved in a project, I'm going to make sure I have enough time to really commit to it. Best, Lord 0xf
  10. Rpm, That's a great article. I enjoyed reading it. It doesn't talk much about changing the line class, though, just getting the # for your local RCMAC. I've already done that. Any ideas? SilvaD, please elaborate on this. What is the SCC?
  11. I was wondering what terminology one would need to social engineer a change of line class on, say, a payphone. I understand LCCs and line features, but wouldn't I also need an employee ID? Any ideas for getting around this?
  12. No. The switch supports digital signaling, and that's most likely what every installation in the US and Canada will be using.
  13. Hell yea, Immortal Technique is awesome. Not sure if I'd call it my hacking music, but his shit is unbelievably deep and to the soul... and he speaks from all angles. He's one of the few rappers to be keeping hip-hop alive in the sense of the culture... Rep all Five Elements!!
  14. Hacking music? For me it's usually hip-Hop, mostly old skool artists, but some new school too... And grime music. Probably different then what most hackers listen to. It just hypes me. The Game, Tech N9ne, Public Enemy, Cypress Hill, Canibus (especially. Hes not exactly nerd core or anything, but his lyrics are very scientific and deep), Snoop Dogg, Nas, The Firm (I love their Phone Tap song, crazy beat), K-Swift, etc. etc. Anybody who digs grime should check out K-Swift's music (RIP, god bless her soul), especially her Firewalk with Us remixes. They're amazing.
  15. You should talk to me, I'll motivate ya.