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  1. I've seen numerous variations of the nigerian scams, over the years, they've changed a bit, but your first clue before even reading the email is look for the 7 figure dollar amount somewhere in the letter, than look for the country of origin; Nigeria or Africa, etc. and with just those 2 clues, you can make a safe, educated guess that, hmm, there is a 98% chance this is a SCAM. [delete] Its amazing to me people are still being taken by this, but I guess if they never encountered it before, it would be new to them. And thats pretty much what the scammers are counting on, fresh fish never exposed to it. They say "a sucker is born every minute".. and 'they', who coined the term, were con men.
  2. your a funny guy.
  3. top of google.
  4. The producers of this documentary definately should have come here first to check in before making this. Strange though, that people still watched it..
  5. 248

    I'm in 248.
  6. That used to be true in the early (and less, but late) 90's. The feds now look for good, upstanding citizens they can trust to follow their every order. I was just in the feds in 2007. Its not just hackers, its anyone with a specialized skill that is of some use to them. They may be looking for upstanding citizens to HIRE, but they will recruit anyone who's got the skills to accomplish their objectives, whatever that may be . In most cases, if were talkin about trying to get out, its as simple as telling them you can get them someone bigger than you (alot bigger). Unfortunately, thats snitch culture. I've seen dealers, gunmen, hackers, counterfeiters,, etc. all use the same tactics. Some guys are more creative; One prolific counterfeiter told the SS that if they didn't reduce his sentence, he would teach everyone he meets in prison how to counterfeit, using his techniques, which were top notch. The SS and his pros opted to reduce his sentence. That is extremely uncommon, and you better have the goods to even try to demand something like that, cuz if your not really like that, they'll laugh you out of your visit and then the BOP will make your life miserable. Incarcerated felons don't have to be paid, they just want to get out and are willing to do almost anything to get out. I know of one hacker with 14 smokin hot felonies still walking the streets...why? Because when they call him to do something, he does it, thus ensuring his freedom. Its a bad situation any way you look at it.
  7. Sounds good. I need to grip one of these i've never read one yet although i've heard about them for a long time.
  8. In federal prison, when I was there. Some people have managed to negotiate a sentence reduction in exchange for 'working for the govt.' in some capacity. Not a TV station. People at TV stations aren't incarcerated or have any need to negotiate a sentence, obviously. ?
  9. Great, instead of addressing the point, make a juvenile sex joke. "What more is there to know?" You're trying to convince us to devote time and effort to a television show that you repeatedly neglect to tell us the most basic details of...and you're wondering what more we want to know? Seriously? Are you really that fucking thick? If this is your opinion of hackers, what exactly motivated you to make a show about them? That's why you wouldn't tell us anything about yourself until Ohm dropped your docs, right? Because WhatChout's the moron bragging about rapping and kidnapping. Wait, no. Another one? What was the point? Please, tell me. Juvenile sex jokes are all that some of you can grasp. I've got lots more. I think some of you are borderline delusional. Who am I asking to devote "time and effort"? That is for YOUR benefit. You either choose to participate, and see what happens, or you stay here an argue. Its obvious where YOU stand. Yea, I'm fuckin THICK. aka Adam Thick Thats not my opinion of hackers. Thats my opinion of HIM. As i said, ad nauseum, I worked for BL411 for a long time. I've been in the scene since the mid 90's. How bout you? Please save the "drop your docs" talk kid. You'd get your mouth blown out in prison saying stuff like that, thankfully your safe behind your monitor an s/n. Ohm googled me, wow, what a leet haxor. Who gives a fuck if he knows that I have a successful business, rap records, an octopus, and adult entertaiment affiliations?? Is any of that relevant to my post, or the opportunity presented? No! Would that have made you feel better if I would have posted all that from the jump? Please, you have no argument. Bye!
  10. Now, if anyone would like to get back on track, with insight, info, CONSTRUCTIVE advice or suggestions or just to contribute in a useful manner, please do. I'd really like to get back on topic. I'm easy to get along with, and will gladly talk about whatever, but if you feel the need to attack me, be prepared, I can, and will give it back. I'm not concerned with hurting your feelers and I'm not here to prove anything to anyone, so stop demanding info thats not forthcoming, like scripts, samples, names, numbers of prod. staff etc. If no ones interested and its not wanted, thats fine. I'll take it elsewhere. I've already been pointed in the right direction from some of the more knowledgable and low key insiders on this site. I'm not worried about finding the right people for this opportunity, they're out there. I also invite Stankdawg to examine any of the info i've presented in my post for accuracy and legitimacy. Dawg, PM me for details. That is, if you want to know for yourself, or even want to be part of this thread. For those of you like ohm-jester, watchTrout and fagma or fazer or whatever your cool script kid name is, you guys need to get off my nuts. I know its a place your most comfortable, but please, they need room to breath. If anyone wants to talk for real about this, like i said, PM me or email me direct. For those of you hitting me with solid info via PM, I thank you and do appreciate it. Keep it coming.
  11. And now you're recruiting for a TV show for a guy that had 5 seasons running? Hahahaha, you expect people to bend over for your vague propositions? You really are clueless. You started with the passive agressive responses. How about you tell us about the show you're doing, just like I asked three times before? Funny, I never heard of you. You embarass your own self enough, he doesn't need to do anything. Obviously all your rapping and kidnapping didn't help when it came to you landing in prison. Then why did he and the rest of the people in this thread have to provoke you for over a day to post that information and you still didn't do it? If you're so fucking brilliant then why didn't you show your credentials at the beginning? Why are you behaving like some kind of shut-in asperger's kid when it comes to giving some concrete information and then spaz out when people get sick of your bullshit? Be afraid, the rapping, kidnapping internet tough guy is watching you. WatchTrout? you again? allow me to reply to your clever and oh so insightful retorts. 1. Yes. Did I mention he has other shows as well? 2. I don't expect anyone to 'bend over', thats strictly your realm of expertise. 3. Not true. Read it again, it was you and your associates that began with the pass/agg responses. If you don't like where were at, you should not have taken us here. 4. Tell you about the show i'm doing? Hmm. I thought I already did. Are you dyslexic? Are you having trouble reading the first post in this thread? That is all there is to know. I know you asked 3 times, and if you ask 33 more times I'm going to answer you the same way. What more is there to know? 5. Funny you never heard of me, nah, not really. I'm certain you don't leave your desk much, hidden deep in your moms basement/secret lair, surrounded by He-man action figures, manga comix and cases of tissue and you are probably unaware of a great many things happening out there in the world. Theres alot you havent heard of or know about i'm sure. But now that you know about EK, peep the CSI: Miami episode, or should I just start posting articles for you? I've already done everything you want to do. Your funny. 6. I'm not embarrassed at all. I'm an open book. Why dont you post your name, pic, number? Lets see the big shot with the uber killer s/n watchTrout! I'm sure your a real baller. 7. Really? rapping n kidnapping had nothing to do with my case. Although it didn't hurt when I signed the deal for my show. Rapping, kidnapping, soon to be felon was the trifecta that sealed the deal. lol 8. What credentials do you speak of? My profile says who i worked for and what I do, are those the credentials you mean? Clicking on my name or profile coulda told you that. Or would you have preferred I tell my whole life story, in the first post to prove who I am...that wouldn't have been any fun, its clearly better to harass and flame someone, then try to "expose" them in a thread. What a joke. Now you know everything about me, so now what? I know, "Tell us about the show!" there, I said it for ya. 9. Dont get me confused with you. I'm not an internet tough-guy. Thats your domain. e-thug.
  12. I miss it too. Theres alot. Off the top of my head; optical scanning, espionage, CIA tradecraft, psyops, social engineering, mind manipulation, rfid, lots of 2 part series articles, um, thats all i can think of without going thru them.
  13. i think the differences here are we won't whore ourselves out. standards and all that. i hadn't heard of bl11 so i tried to find out what it was:;search=BL11 according to those two links, BL11 is something me, and many other people, don't care enough about to mention. this is one of those times you could provide concrete info, like a link to the periodical's website for example. someone here has this guy's number? care to share? nice damage control. face it, the fact that we didn't hop on your cock when you mentioned a TV show is bothering you, and you just don't want us to know. i'm done here. OMG. Are you brain damaged? You've never heard of Blacklisted411?? What are you doing here? oh, i'm sorry, before the nazi spell checker jumps in please allow me to spell it correctly for you. I missed the '4'. BL411? Since I didn't provide a link, maybe you can ask one of your leet pals here to fill you in on it. My number? Why don't you use your googling skills to look it up? I only provided you my website link...heres a hint...its on there! Yes, you've got me figured out. Whats bothering me is the negative response and personal attacks, but if I need help with hopping on a cock i'll ask an expert. Whats your number? good. Be done here.
  14. So it applies to naive people? Great. A few sentences of high promises is not info. You haven't given us any concrete piece of information to rely on when testing your credibility. No. Maybe the fact that you are the one who cares about making that stupid TV show? If you don't want to tell us who the producer is then why even bring the topic of him and his 5-season show up? To rub our eyes with bullshit? What makes you so special that you think you can tell us anything and we'll believe? Hahahahahaha, you're a lot of fun, really. Tell you what, I don't give half a shit about your show and until you post some concrete information about it, you'll keep making a dolt out of yourself. Finally. Oh, wait, but you won't tell me because you don't need to. Can I borrow your watch, by the way? I've been asked to do so by the president. No, not the U.S. president, just some president. Can't tell you now. Oh, what's that, you're not going to lend me your watch? Well, apparently you don't deserve to lend it to the president anyway. And, no, I am not going to tell you who he is. Also, your watch sucks. PS No I wouldn't. Also, nice album cover. Just wondered what the purpose of posting a punk ass snitch and registered C.I. in this thread was supposed to do? Was that supposed to hurt my feelings or embarrass me? That guy set me up with the feds, and as a result I did 2 years in federal prison. I have history with him no doubt, I just don't see how posting that in THIS thread helps your case except to illustrate youR ignorance? I'm sure your point is a good one though, keep working on it. "nice album cover". Thanks. I liked it too.
  15. Theres no guessing game, it was all spelled out in the first post. You either can read, or you can't. I disrespected no one till I was attacked. Now its on. Dont like it? Tough shit. Oh, and if you feel like I singled you out when i said posers, then the shoe must fit.