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  1. anyone even here anymore?

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    2. Y0ungBra1n


      hello in there!

    3. dinscurge
    4. Ticom


      Just cleaned some spam off a couple forums.

  2. yeah it looks good, really high contrast

  3. is that avatar wolfwood?

  4. finally got the old sparcstation5 to boot thru some random luck..

  5. oh yeh :P. but theres alot of other companies that are making profit/ could support such motives

  6. true but there phasing out older models for newer ones eventhough there not seeing use :P liek converting all the older abrams to the newer m1a4 or whatever the current model is.. but if i had to guess i would say they are probably upgrading more/ getting newer ones at faster rate then before 9/11 as now we are in multiple police actions it would be 'benaficial' to upgrade them although...

  7. no idea :P but ge is def profiteering what with the supply turbines to tank's, fighter jets, bombers, ect, prolly not charging a few hundred k a pop :P

  8. nah mr hypocrite police obama, also made other people rich :P like browning, general electric, ect. but ye pretty much

  9. used that presidential power to withhold information?

  10. doin some crappy wev dev..

    1. dinscurge


      in my underpants.. with a bottle of vodka, and some smokes

  11. a model bbgun?

  12. AMD Fusion the Futre of Really Cheap GPU Accelerated Cracking

  13. 'ey, when gonna start posting instead of just bragging?

  14. yeah man +1 for famicoman and zandi for missionhill

  15. installing gentoo on ultra60 over serial with a wyse terminal...

  16. where i've always been lol

  17. yeah thats fine :P. your not a total square like gw jr.

  18. maybe.. but u never know. alot of people have birthdays in oct-dec-jan. uno spring fever.

  19. you know if you keep making such hilarious posts some one will get angry ;)

  20. you can always just repack a 10 gauge shell(most likely/is illegal) and put in a .85-95calibur lead ball, or like 8x .30 with one .50 and 12 regular bbs to fill in the empty space, as they dont seem to want to make the 1.00 caliber slug

  21. nah its not really the size its the speed that makes the difference and the slower the speed the more energy is actually applied to the object. as if its fast some 3200fps it makes a nice neat perfectly round hole, where if its slow like 500-1000fps it tears muscles ect in which much more of the energy is transferred to the object and you get giant gapping exit wound.

  22. meh in my state since some laws that bill clinton passed expired or something now we can have any clip we want, before it was like 15-30rd max now can have drum 100rd. but its legal for deer in my state in any hunting zone which allows rifles, as long as you dont use a solid lead bullet but most/all have copper jackets so its fine. for deer anyways.

  23. y not r4 the basics being a bomb are too simple for any real interest but fision/fusion thats a whole different ball game.