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  1. yea lol. was gonna be 'some guy' or something but thats what came to mind first lol you see the video footage?(of alex jones trolling tyt) was pretty good lol
  2. g? (prolly) bartender asks what i thought of this election cycle. so i scratch my chin and think for a second.. its like alex jones trolled on the set of the young terks at the rnc
  3. lol i guess made some changes to the quest engine, battle system, and added a general purpose engine to replace most of the smaller precompiled binaries which were basically just 1 of 4 programs or so, with different text, and some numbers. basically.. chopping wood, or smelting ore, besides using different stat/ability modifiers and skills is the same basic, ask a question, how many logs do you want to chop, or how many pounds of ore do you want to smelt, or ingots do you want to pour whatever text. then you generate how many rolls based on that number or parameters to generate from that number, say 3-5 per 1 they enter so 3 would be between 9 and 15. so loop to take in rolls, and have a delay so they cant enter them all willy nilly, print text if they succeed or fail, and when they finish one of those sections of the 3, and then when they finish all of the work and then return. but also added multiple success levels, different text along with that. say they roll a 1 on a d20, could have it that they failed so hard they have to do even more work, roll even more, or if they get a really high number it takes the place of 2 rolls maybe. also settings and stuff to over ride it for people that want more specific style of play. the 1 at the start of the lines of text was just for testing so i knew which function/file it was running before i had it printing the ascii banner. the other types being, one has a divide function, for when it asks how many to divide that by a number, say to climb a cliff face you could enter in feet how far you want to climb, so you could roll 5 or 10 times instead of 100 for 100feet or whatever its setup for, also a timer function, timer and divide, a single loop one where it doesnt ask how many you just do 1, a timer version of that one etc.. for the basic crafting, actions, whatever.
  4. not for gaming lol. computer is either just play online or youd be playing different games but they'd have to bring a system. maybe once finish system and get ahold of a tiny 4k display
  5. well if they didnt go ssd/lower price range for couple other options and swung the 200$ gpu option the experience would be more like the leaked specs for the ps4 neo which is bit more than 2x the speed of ps4 with xbox one being bit slower than that. and tv's usually have bad sound also, for less than the cost of a surround reciever, not even the speakers also one could get a decent 2.1, desk chair is much cheaper than a couch etc. as far as screen choice depends on what the user wants :p. tv usually not nearly as sharp/has messed up text and that whole thing where you have to sit a distance away from the tv say a 63" 1080p sure it looks good at 8-12feet away, at 3feet not so much. idk. going i guess. you?
  6. besides them still pressing new records, im mostly arguing the time frame probably isnt going to be as soon as some expect given the disproportionate rate between the size of media and the average internet speed, especially if one is hoping for cloud only instead of just digital delivery but you still have to store it locally i mean 8tb drives are pushing 2-300MB and it would still be faster for load times/better experience for ssd, by the time average speed is that fast the current fast 1000-1500MB nvme stuff will be ancient dont think that will doable for quite awhile, but for just digital delivery probably guess 5-10 years before consoles without drives/most everything digital delivery. i mean lets say osx or windows hell linux, how easy is it exactly to download/install an os without an os or another computer for someone that just uses facebook or whatever. for gaming pc the cost is definitely debatable. i mean the figures you gave, if you substitute a 100-150$ monitor instead of 300$ tv can do like: 100-150$ monitor, 50-75$ mobo <50$ ram 2x4gb ddr3 athlon x4 <100$ hdd 50-60$(1-2tb sata 3) ssd 40-60$(128gb boot drive) cheap case 50$ only 545$ for max ranges so far can get like r7 360 for 100$, if you went lower ranges for some of the stuff/ swung 200 could get 380, have to know what to get/where to look of course but its totally doable at cost without even looking for sales/bundle deals used anything with a better performing/all around experience. but the whole pc gaming dying thing is kind of a misnomer, sales of hardware is down and stuff but that's because a i7 980 can render faster than i7 6700k. i mean if you have a 2600k, you could get a 3770k for a 3% increase in performance or just clock it up from 3.5>5 and then it will take like 3-6 generations for stock to catch up. the game sales are still selling just the growth was eclipsed by console/tablets smartphones whatever. is similar to if say chevy started selling alot more cars, just because that happens doesn't mean ford automatically dies, especially if ford is still profitable/and making decent returns
  7. well grand theft auto 5 had made something like 800m on release day(probably including preorders not sure..). just saying for things like mp3s and whatever its much easier/faster adoption rate, things that are 20>GB a shot, isnt as accessable when you may only be able to get say 5-10Mb i mean 10/8-1.25MB, 50,000/1.25=40k seconds, or ~11hrs. isnt like its just people in wyoming where you've been driving for 3hrs without seeing a single person, you can be within 30miles of a capital city and not be able to get actual fast connection. you start talking games, 4-8k media the average us speed is only ~12Mb, you start talking heavily compressed 8k if we factor 4GB for a heavily compressed 1080p film at 120m long, if its 8x that you get 32GB, or 16MB a second or 128mb, so if the average speed goes up atleast 10x within say 10-15years it might be just doable for the average person. i mean if you looked at 4k now probably like 50-70% of the us couldnt stream, or consume that product they might consider another format
  8. dunno, if it comes in a box, going usb like windows 10, or sd or something could be cool, especially given the state of the infrastructure where there are still areas where people basically have to get dialup or satellite internet and all these city folks, just download it, its only 40gb its faster than installing it. plus.. the whole thing where companies are dicks about pricing. i.e. if your browse steam and look at games, and then look at say amazon for physical copies for some of these exact same games even on steams platform, most all of the time outside specific shortage issues, the physical copy always drops in price faster, but even besides that software, or software with atleast mostly physical backup, box, boxart, shipped for the exact same price if you want things on launch day. seems sort of a rip off if you consider how much more money went into delivering you a physical copy. not to mention the over time, depending on popularity/quantities that these online vendors have in stock, can get stuff for 50-75% lower than on steam or wherever pretty regularly. when you start talking games people arent currently rushing to buy that are say 1-3 years old. atleast thats been my experience not that i dont think downloading stuff isnt a valid delivery method, just not everyone prices things accordingly/reduces prices in as timely of matter. besides having to read TOS/TOU stuff, where you may not be guaranteed access to the content/have to worry about backing it up anyways, which is also an issue for physical copies as well though for online activation stuff
  9. dunno lol was just first pictures came up from a google search was the older one with a slot drive or something, least that version you could like most laptops get a conversion thing that takes a 2.5in drive and mounts in same place/uses the plug for the dvdrom for about 10-15$. else yea probably have to external
  10. for someone voiding the warranty might be able to replace the dvdrom as with many other laptop or laptop based devices to gain another sata device
  11. lol wonder who voted it down :p. would say check firewall etc, you may need to reconfigure some settings to allow the service access/the port to be accessed, its windows so may need to restart for some services to start properly etc.. generic basic response 12
  12. would always assume its violation much like when people use hand held ham scanners as walkie talkies, even know a group of people that has repeaters even with none of them having a ham license but i guess nothins happened yet. ( not that, thats telling me to do this or anything) mainly going of the assumption that it would be like buying an ebay chinese no name powersupply, basically dont expect it to last at the rated power for even a couple seconds, the antennas although im sure might help if they are actually proper lengths but, is probbaly more so it looks like it does something besides the comments. did they not get enough government funding and have to close?
  13. dunno mean, besides bugs the only legitimate excuse i could think of is if it caused the system to crash or something using those specific chips
  14. nah because its standard x86 32bit, you should be able to run any of those distros that still ship 32bit, its just you need special firmware/drivers for the whatever hardware that isn't in regular computers
  15. but why was it blacklisted in the first place?