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  1. forgot.. power stuff: have to remember that usual bedroom circuit is only 15amps, so.. dont want to go over 1600~w as absolute max for a single circuit unless you have a dedicated one with higher, and if going multiple and want redundancy can make or get like.. y cables for the 24pin/8pin cpu and stuff. but would still guess trying for like 4-500w psu prolly cheapest route, like 2 4-500w per box at maybe 15-25$ a shot based on.. people usually wanting excess/optional expandability so these lower wattage ones arent nearly as desirable to like 750-850w you start talking they just keep it till it dies. say.. could put out a craigslist ad or something 'looking for 4-600w name brand psus' network: https://www.amazon.com/HP-NC364T-Gigabit-Server-Adptr/dp/B000P0NX3G/ maybe not that particular card but one that works with your choice os would be prefered, prolly loads of cheap used ones on ebay, sun and bunch of other server manus made them, will take more work to configure the network stuff for max speeds but, being those arent that expensive, and you would just need a 24port or 2, bunch of patch cables or a spool and connectors. something and be able to push 4-6gb through each box but as per the other stuff is highly dependant on the workloads how much bandwidth you would actually use or need like.. if you wanted to render multiple video files or something on 2 machines if you just gave each half the files or frames whatever, would be faster than trying to have each box render half each frame probably by reducing latency/networking components by not having to wait for one of the boxes to split the frames and send it to the other and then put it together after like.. would be stupid to try to use them dependently on eachother to that level for that kind of task where you could just split the workload and let them go fullbore till its done
  2. yeah definitely would assume it would be harder if not impossible to have all connection types be able to switch over during. but.. if dont mind if they reset should be very easy lol
  3. gpu: 7950/70 would be great if you need/want dual precision for whatever reason they had 1/4 rate for fp64, so its straight ripped, 7970 has more dual precision flops than a 390x lol the ghz is like 4tf single, 1tf dual where 290x is like 750-850for fp64 instead of 950-1000. would look up benchmark stuff.. some stuff runs great on nvidia, but for mining well.. the 1080 was the first card nvidia has that could beat the amd flagship lol. and they just havent released a new one so its not even really a comparison currently. their arch seems very serial so the workloads your doing will determine which is faster prolly if your looking at similar range of power. hardware: the pci lanes only make a difference for workloads where the memory is larger than the frame buffer, but small enough you can deliver it at high speed, i.e. if its more than your systems memory and you have to get it from drives, even if you had like.. a nvme x4 ssd youd not be able to saturate out a x8 even so having the x16 prolly wont do much besides stuff that can fit inside system memory where you can deliver it at higher speed unless you go some kind of raid setup where you can get significant speeds. if making your own case/rigging stuff up could look into raiser cards/cables to use more slots there is a slight performance degradation though networking: kind of same as hardware depends on workload if was doing extremely heavy network stuff could increase the speeds alot going to a quad port card or 10gb or something but if its just to serve a page or something where you can see the results/tell it what to do you shouldnt need much at all. if you did.. nas or something to deliver files to this machine then would be limiting speed of operations then but if all the data is already on the box just need to figure out the actual network load :p. buut.. if you can get drivers for quad port cards might be a decent option i guess for cheaper like.. 4 1000, 1 or 2 on the mobo without having to get 10gb switch or something atleast for a significantly lower cost option than probbaly most fiber/whatever stuff although slower. for psu: other than used, evga like.. supernova g2 1300w 175$ on amazon currently. seems to be fairly cheap sometimes if your looking for new(they are superflower which is good just you only have 1x12v rail so.. if something happens will be more violent about it prolly, but with the big ones youd still be pushing 30amps> through a single rail so if something shorts will still jack shit up either way. but i guess you could get a tester if you dont have one and just try to get a bunch of lower power psus and make up or get jumpers probably the cheapest.. dumpster finds, if you got a freegeek or something like that near you just bunch of like 4-600w ones prolly could get for really cheap but have to make a case then or do somethin. storage: already kind of covered lol anyways super long thing but just some thoughts lol
  4. never tried but sounds like in theory should be fairly easy even if you wanted to make the traffic automagically switch if you had say a 'service' running which would ping a handfull of servers like google or something, and then upon whatever conditions do whichever responding action. using static configuration(s) should be easier than dhcp, but dhcp should be doable if you just configure it to ignore when its told thats the default gateway and you supply which is the default gateway i guess? but.. is one of those things i havent seen much of a good solution really, as to what if someone had 3-4 internet connections being able to decide which to use for what etc
  5. should once used a different disk/controller should eliminate any of those potential causes, otherwise usual run down whole checklist of possible random things, settings/configs for programs, build versions, check for reported bugs or anything like that, if you were using linux who knows if the kernel your using has the smp module or whatever, there might even be such a thing just for the g34/numa stuff(joke aside, i havent looked into it much but start talking sockets vs cores there might be a kernel option or something applicable for this type of setup) etc remotely applicable conditions
  6. i tried it once but the install annoyed me :/. was either take the super bloated entire dvd, or pick every single file individually or something.. and yea debian stable seems to always be super old not really sure what im gonna be switching to since the sid branch distros seem to keep having weird fallouts and stuff, sidux, aptosid siduction then theres linuxbbq which seems to be a roll your own kind of thing or something idk XD. but even those are still pretty easy to break stuff, like.. can do distupgrade on siduction but you have to do it like within a month or very likely to break stuff, but when release cycle slips so hard you might get a release a year, if you dont get it right away then you just cant do anything other than manually upgrading stuff and hoping it dont break the regular distros may seem stable but thats how they get there people wade through nearly every single kernel update breaking something
  7. hmm.. sounds weird probably need to look at bunch of jack to try to figure it out if that doesnt work lol. like micro code stuff/firmware, might have to recompile the software/get a different build using different compiler options or something.. who knows XD. most of the stuff ive heard as far as issues was like some versions of 7zip dont use all the cores, or performance optimization stuff relating to the numa stuff, since.. not 100% sure how it operates.. but besides theres 2 sockets, g34 is a mcm, pretty sure each of the 2 dies for the 'chip' has its own memory controller, the l3 stuff might be split between the dies so.. if you access other stuff/channels it might be at lower speeds if its in the other parts/die but thats really specific optimization stuff should have nothing to deal with the cores not being used at all.
  8. ooh yeah was wrong XD. abu dabi is the pile driver. just meant might be one of those.. easily forgotten things if people didnt have experience with dual socket, that you would want to populate slots for each memory controller, to that, the minimum would be 8 sticks for full speed, that if you only populate one socket the other memory controller wont be there so.. probably cant populate any of the other 8 slots etc. just like it might be easy to miss the requirement for dual 8pin cpu power(usually anyways) lol :p. edit: like with the newer soc stuff amd is going towards, if the servers follow suit.. depending on motherboards and stuff, if you only had one socket populated instead of 2, you would lose pci lanes and stuff aswell, where with current gaming setups with multiple graphics cards.. if you had a 990 chipset you could have 2 x16, but 970 only has 1, usually with the lower end consumer boards you can plainly see by the solder points which slot is x16 or can be x16, but with stuff like 2011v3 where different chips have different amount of lanes different slots will operate at different speeds using different chips which im sure could leave some people scratching their head about this low performing raid or whatever lol
  9. actually those are interlagos, the pildedriver based opterons, but for stuff that scales well with the numa architecture, or just massive workloads they are pretty decent. would just make note of the 16 dimm slots, if going to be running dual socket, as far as specing out the memory options, i.e. atleast 8 sticks if your going to run dual socket and want to take advantage of all the memory channels. assuming you would remember anyways though. but eitherway will significantly outperform the apu box since besides the cores, you now have a mountain of cache in comparison, 16mb l2 + 16mb l3, as opposed to no l3 at all and prolly 4mb l2
  10. looks pretty neat
  11. yea lol. was gonna be 'some guy' or something but thats what came to mind first lol you see the video footage?(of alex jones trolling tyt) was pretty good lol
  12. g? (prolly) bartender asks what i thought of this election cycle. so i scratch my chin and think for a second.. its like alex jones trolled on the set of the young terks at the rnc
  13. lol i guess made some changes to the quest engine, battle system, and added a general purpose engine to replace most of the smaller precompiled binaries which were basically just 1 of 4 programs or so, with different text, and some numbers. basically.. chopping wood, or smelting ore, besides using different stat/ability modifiers and skills is the same basic, ask a question, how many logs do you want to chop, or how many pounds of ore do you want to smelt, or ingots do you want to pour whatever text. then you generate how many rolls based on that number or parameters to generate from that number, say 3-5 per 1 they enter so 3 would be between 9 and 15. so loop to take in rolls, and have a delay so they cant enter them all willy nilly, print text if they succeed or fail, and when they finish one of those sections of the 3, and then when they finish all of the work and then return. but also added multiple success levels, different text along with that. say they roll a 1 on a d20, could have it that they failed so hard they have to do even more work, roll even more, or if they get a really high number it takes the place of 2 rolls maybe. also settings and stuff to over ride it for people that want more specific style of play. the 1 at the start of the lines of text was just for testing so i knew which function/file it was running before i had it printing the ascii banner. the other types being, one has a divide function, for when it asks how many to divide that by a number, say to climb a cliff face you could enter in feet how far you want to climb, so you could roll 5 or 10 times instead of 100 for 100feet or whatever its setup for, also a timer function, timer and divide, a single loop one where it doesnt ask how many you just do 1, a timer version of that one etc.. for the basic crafting, actions, whatever.
  14. not for gaming lol. computer is either just play online or youd be playing different games but they'd have to bring a system. maybe once finish system and get ahold of a tiny 4k display
  15. well if they didnt go ssd/lower price range for couple other options and swung the 200$ gpu option the experience would be more like the leaked specs for the ps4 neo which is bit more than 2x the speed of ps4 with xbox one being bit slower than that. and tv's usually have bad sound also, for less than the cost of a surround reciever, not even the speakers also one could get a decent 2.1, desk chair is much cheaper than a couch etc. as far as screen choice depends on what the user wants :p. tv usually not nearly as sharp/has messed up text and that whole thing where you have to sit a distance away from the tv say a 63" 1080p sure it looks good at 8-12feet away, at 3feet not so much. idk. going i guess. you?