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  1. um.. usually they dont allow posts asking for people to break into sites, accounts or to pwn people or whatever else. but your post is exceptionally vague.. do you have any leads at all? do you know anything about local gang/mc(s)/crime family whatever crime activities in the area? what is your motivation? what makes you think there is an abundance of sex/human trafficking in the area? you'd probably have more luck if you do a bunch of research, look up news/police records for crimes being reported such as kidnappings, or kidnapping victims being found etc. using commonly available 'public' resources like a library, police or sheriffs department websites, local news sites etc
  2. not sure exactly why it would if you had a program manually configuring what your computer(s) were using, say ping google at interval, if it fails to return proper return number then try a different interface/network whatever. would more see needing dynamic dns or something for automatic failover where.. you dont lose a session/stream the connection never breaks buut.. if you dont need that capability should be easy enough, especially since many connection purposes dont have issues with that, say your watching a video on youtube, you could switch from 3/4g to wifi airplane mode whatever and when network resumes it will just start grabbing the video again. or if you had a torrent it will just not be able to download during the time between network not being available and it switching to a different source. where if it was http download it would fail and you'd have to start from the beginning in most cases. so.. for home use probably not that big of a deal considering you might have to press f5 or something where if you didnt have it fail over youd just have no network until it came back up however long the outage is. where a server or some other higher priority network stuff it might be a big deal
  3. made a couple other things after figured out some of the stuff lol :p. one being a program which creates/manages html redirection pages, as if i registered pages to emails, i could change all the pages that was registered to that email, or if you got a take down notice from 5-0 about bad stuff you could ban all their registered pages, you could update email for all or just one site, change url for the redirections etc. on the basis sort of like.. the opposite approach to freenet, in that just anyone could have a 'dns' but not sure how to go about automation being.. the point is to not use icann or any other gate keepers so.. doing ssl/tls will give certificate errors for most all users, but having a first come first served policy, where you just have a page with 3 forms say, one for desired name, the url/path to whatever file, and the email they wish to register it to. the data shouldnt be transmitted till they press go and the only attack i could forsee is if you were to sniff the traffic and be able to inject your own before theirs got there to steal their page before they got it, other than being able to see who registered the redirection and where it would point to. that.. probably would be made with lighthttpd or something to get it as a single package but not sure if its really worth it lol. but in the current state its just manual configuration just a utility that asks name, then it asks url if its not registered, otherwise pops up the email its registered to so you could confirm if you were going to use one of the options to ban/edit etc, then would ask the email after url if it wasnt registered and then id drop back to asking name but might remake it as individual tools to add/edit ban etc and just have both versions. so if they wanted to change they would email an email you setup to recieve this traffic. for the webserver, in manual configuration id just be any web server basically, and point it to the provided index or make your own, where it has a search bar where you type the name which redirects to the redirection page or have the webserver print your custom 404 saying its not been registered if they want to register follow these steps etc.so you could load say stankdawg.fap on the index 'search bar' or you could go the url to that domain whatever, if you have it registered or your ip/stankdawg.fap if you wanted to directly access the file stankdawg.fap.html so basically a make your own tinyurl where they get to pick the names. but its just static html redirections so as long as the path is available it doesnt matter if its local, intranet or internet figure might be useful for something likes.. set up a network at a college have your own knock off versions of Qoogle where you can get the low down all the clubs and classes and student activities edit: oh a random multiple one time pad thing, and some other dumb stuff lol
  4. ooh right you are
  5. was that a glitch or a pun? but anyways yea basically, if your an electrician or plumber or some other generic trade in the us, assuming you dont move alot of the code seems to not change very rapidly you kinda just go to school once and after that its just oh this new wire is the trend or doing pex instead of hardline or whatever but talking exponentially more research on finding suppliers or good deals on supplies than what you are supposed to use or to keep up with codes. where with security stuff, they change alot more rapidly so its alot more unpaid research on your own time just to keep your chops up so.. if you enjoy research and learning on its own merits regardless of pay then it could be very rewarding otherwise might want to try to find an angle/specific field where its a bit slower paced
  6. dunno. since humans have to write the code that would be then writing code, how would they assure there was no bugs in the first one to create even more bugs in later ones? buut.. i am waiting for them to start calling people to arms, you dont have the right to install any programs you want, you cant program for your computer you might be up to good edit: thought i replied earlier but i guess not lol XD. the position will probably be around for a long time but, its also a relatively high demanding position being that, if you want to be legit, like say moxie marlinspike you have to know your shit, you have to research basically forever would be like if you were an accountant and the math was constantly changing, no you dont use a calculator you use a japanese abacus, you cant do multiplication you have to do addition etc etc. the basic core knowledge you have will still be useful but when all the programs, standards, protocols get patched, forked, deprecated new ones get introduced i mean if you specifically target a protocol or something for research and can consistently deliver stuff you might be able to get away with it but most likely youd end up at a job looking at their program(s) doing code auditing or something, or freelance whatever penetration testing where youd have to be up on all the popular program versions, attacks etc
  7. basically, for stuff like a vm just running a teamspeak server or some other low performance thing, probably doesnt matter much, but if you had say 4 gaming vms at once, if you only had 1 hdd youd only be able to get 1/4 of the bandwidth if you tried to load a game at the same time on all 4 where if you had 4 drives, in jbod, a raid array zfs pool whatever you'd get about 4x the bandwidth of one drive so about the same as if you had one drive per vm. having say a dual socket quad channel memeory with a motherboard that uses all 8 channels you could only get almost the memory bandwidth of 4 desktop dual channel systems being you will have lower memory frequency so if you tried to simulate say 8 pentium dual core or i3 systems or something you wont be able to achieve the same memory bandwidth of 8 of them so if you try to do memory intensive stuff on more than 4 of them at once the performance will be degraded significantly more compared to separate machines
  8. https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/PCI_passthrough_via_OVMF seems fairly newish stuff, but yeah storage and memory bandwidth will be issues to performance but not too much you can do about the memory bandwidth, if you try to do lots of heavy tasks on all the threads it will bog down but thats the nature of the hardware.
  9. um, youd want to look into hardware pass thru so you could pass a gpu directly to the vm assuming you want nearly full performance of say a quadcore with a dedicated gpu for 3 vms. linustechtips' channel did similar thing twice on youtube something like '8 gamers 1 cpu'. pretty sure you can do passthru in some opensource stuff meaning you dont have to use unraid people seem to do it usually to run a high performance vm to play windows games on their linux box that dont work with wine or whatever. but thats pretty much it, otherwise its pretty basic once you got one vm going isnt too hard to do 2>,
  10. dunno lol. i always thought it was sort of on you to do the work, but then ive only ever messed with the minimal install thing where you build it just mean.. gcc may not be the best option at all, especially for certain processors/versions without even getting into stuff thats highly optimized like the intel compiler thats super expensive that only works with intel and specific intel chips at that
  11. dunno would guess one would have to know all the right options/which compiler even you should be using for best optimization. but i always under the impression it was more the actual system efficiency than any individual program running significantly faster, like by trimming everything possible from the kernel, only having the tools you actually use/need. would be faster boot times slightly, the drive would be slightly faster because the more free space. if you had a brand new instruction set or something that you needed stuff compiled for etc like bunch of small things eventually resulting in some noticeable gains. if you wanna see it do something fast try handbrake or 7zip lol
  12. forgot.. power stuff: have to remember that usual bedroom circuit is only 15amps, so.. dont want to go over 1600~w as absolute max for a single circuit unless you have a dedicated one with higher, and if going multiple and want redundancy can make or get like.. y cables for the 24pin/8pin cpu and stuff. but would still guess trying for like 4-500w psu prolly cheapest route, like 2 4-500w per box at maybe 15-25$ a shot based on.. people usually wanting excess/optional expandability so these lower wattage ones arent nearly as desirable to like 750-850w you start talking they just keep it till it dies. say.. could put out a craigslist ad or something 'looking for 4-600w name brand psus' network: https://www.amazon.com/HP-NC364T-Gigabit-Server-Adptr/dp/B000P0NX3G/ maybe not that particular card but one that works with your choice os would be prefered, prolly loads of cheap used ones on ebay, sun and bunch of other server manus made them, will take more work to configure the network stuff for max speeds but, being those arent that expensive, and you would just need a 24port or 2, bunch of patch cables or a spool and connectors. something and be able to push 4-6gb through each box but as per the other stuff is highly dependant on the workloads how much bandwidth you would actually use or need like.. if you wanted to render multiple video files or something on 2 machines if you just gave each half the files or frames whatever, would be faster than trying to have each box render half each frame probably by reducing latency/networking components by not having to wait for one of the boxes to split the frames and send it to the other and then put it together after like.. would be stupid to try to use them dependently on eachother to that level for that kind of task where you could just split the workload and let them go fullbore till its done
  13. yeah definitely would assume it would be harder if not impossible to have all connection types be able to switch over during. but.. if dont mind if they reset should be very easy lol
  14. gpu: 7950/70 would be great if you need/want dual precision for whatever reason they had 1/4 rate for fp64, so its straight ripped, 7970 has more dual precision flops than a 390x lol the ghz is like 4tf single, 1tf dual where 290x is like 750-850for fp64 instead of 950-1000. would look up benchmark stuff.. some stuff runs great on nvidia, but for mining well.. the 1080 was the first card nvidia has that could beat the amd flagship lol. and they just havent released a new one so its not even really a comparison currently. their arch seems very serial so the workloads your doing will determine which is faster prolly if your looking at similar range of power. hardware: the pci lanes only make a difference for workloads where the memory is larger than the frame buffer, but small enough you can deliver it at high speed, i.e. if its more than your systems memory and you have to get it from drives, even if you had like.. a nvme x4 ssd youd not be able to saturate out a x8 even so having the x16 prolly wont do much besides stuff that can fit inside system memory where you can deliver it at higher speed unless you go some kind of raid setup where you can get significant speeds. if making your own case/rigging stuff up could look into raiser cards/cables to use more slots there is a slight performance degradation though networking: kind of same as hardware depends on workload if was doing extremely heavy network stuff could increase the speeds alot going to a quad port card or 10gb or something but if its just to serve a page or something where you can see the results/tell it what to do you shouldnt need much at all. if you did.. nas or something to deliver files to this machine then would be limiting speed of operations then but if all the data is already on the box just need to figure out the actual network load :p. buut.. if you can get drivers for quad port cards might be a decent option i guess for cheaper like.. 4 1000, 1 or 2 on the mobo without having to get 10gb switch or something atleast for a significantly lower cost option than probbaly most fiber/whatever stuff although slower. for psu: other than used, evga like.. supernova g2 1300w 175$ on amazon currently. seems to be fairly cheap sometimes if your looking for new(they are superflower which is good just you only have 1x12v rail so.. if something happens will be more violent about it prolly, but with the big ones youd still be pushing 30amps> through a single rail so if something shorts will still jack shit up either way. but i guess you could get a tester if you dont have one and just try to get a bunch of lower power psus and make up or get jumpers probably the cheapest.. dumpster finds, if you got a freegeek or something like that near you just bunch of like 4-600w ones prolly could get for really cheap but have to make a case then or do somethin. storage: already kind of covered lol anyways super long thing but just some thoughts lol
  15. never tried but sounds like in theory should be fairly easy even if you wanted to make the traffic automagically switch if you had say a 'service' running which would ping a handfull of servers like google or something, and then upon whatever conditions do whichever responding action. using static configuration(s) should be easier than dhcp, but dhcp should be doable if you just configure it to ignore when its told thats the default gateway and you supply which is the default gateway i guess? but.. is one of those things i havent seen much of a good solution really, as to what if someone had 3-4 internet connections being able to decide which to use for what etc