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  1. That iron rust thing you were sounds a lot like thermite (equal parts of rust and aluminum). Speaking of which, that really isn't an explosive, but it's pretty fun to play with!
  2. I have a feeling that your avatar is why I should probably blank the history once I'm done here...

  3. Dude, fun way to hack a school computer NEARLY INVISIBLY (except to networking stuff): (NOTICE: Most of this stuff is untested.) Set up a huge folder with a bunch of hacking utilities (I called mine hackutils) one your HOME COMPUTER, where you have control over EVERYTHING (you do, right?) Get the most recent copy of Python here. Snip out some of the code in /Lib/; specifically, the function serve() Change the do_GET method to serve out of your file system (whatever directory you used for the hacking stuff). Oh, yeah, make sure you either have an always-on connection, or activate yours before you go to school. Once there, use COMMAND.COM to ping your computers name, then type http://<IP ADDR>:7464/<whatever utility you want> to get that utility. REAK HAVOC AND RULE THE SERVER WITH AN IRON FIST OF PUNISHMENT!!! BWAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Remember to cover your tracks when you leave your workstation. Help on server script? Still developing mine, but you can join my DaTran project (ASK ME HOW) and help.