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  1. I just wanted to say: please, oh please, listen to the advice in this thread. Your school has far too much information on you for you to consider them any kind of target. I had a friend who was caught and kicked out of his school a couple months ago. The news article read something like "___ _____ high school attacked by hackers. The hackers gained access to sensitive information on over 500 students as well as many staff members..... The hackers also had access to credit card numbers, account login and passwords, and other personal detail of many staff.... It does not seem like the hackers were interested in financial gain.... 4 of the hackers' computers were confiscated by police are being searched.... Because only none of the hackers were over the age of 18.... Many kids who are hackers often have an above average intelligence." Reality: my friend found an sql vuln in his school's db, told a couple friends, and they logged onto a couple teacher accounts, were caught by a background process, and were then kicked out and had charges pressed against them. advice: get a cheap used laptop that can do whatever this one can't.
  2. Many colleges will record their lectures and post them online. It's like a nice advertisement for their college, and the professor's career. I found this site a while ago, and I've been meaning to put aside some time and go through some of the courses... someday. And you can always get into college ;-) Usually college is half paid for by the state as long as you go to college in that state, and you can get them to pay the other half if you are really poor or under 18/in high school (This might change from state to state). I know my old high school was 100% BS and going through running start / college options was really nice. If that isn't going to work, start with going to the college orientation. After that, pick out some interesting classes and make sure there is physically room for you in the class. There is no need to pay for tuition or register, just show up on the second or third week. If people wuestion you, be friendly, and blame it on being new to the college and tell them you thought you registered online. The first two weeks they usually play name games and make sure everyone is in the right place, so it doesn't really matter if you miss those days. If you read the course material, you'll be just fine!
  3. Not that killing old people with weak hearts is my scene or anything, but couldn't they just use a microwave? It also might be possible to get the same affect with 2girls1cup...
  4. Do you mean like this? If so, I'm sure I could find some lectures.
  5. It's not illegal in Sweden xD It's all up to some ethical decision. As far as getting caught, I don't think many software companies spend nearly the same amount of resources as many companies in the entertainment industry do. And they only do that because they can charge college students and dead people $750 per song. That certainly has nothing to do with ethics. I say go for it. Just be smart when you're doing it.
  6. It looks more like a complete IT security training site than a comic. I'll check it out though =). Nice find. The Google Translated link. It's in Portuguese. They have an English version too. EDIT: man you guys must have a cool B&N. The one near me just has things like harry potter and organic home gardening books. "27 ways to bring lavender into your life". Hacking? in a book store? only if it's a best seller or has a pretty cover.
  7. I've gone to every monthly 2600 meeting for almost a year, except the 4th of July one. I heard d-program was the only person who made it to that one xD I've never heard of the weekly meetings. I should be able to make it to 2600 and GSLUG though.
  8. hey, I'm physically from seattle. I am online constantly. I sometimes spend time on but that site is somewhat... draining. I used the same screen name there. I'm interested in everything, and am pretty good at finding things online.
  9. I don't think Seattle has BR meetings, but Seattle does have 2600 at the Convention Center. If BR or another hacker-oriented event goes on, please post here. I saw something about Google putting on some kind of python/api workshop on the 27th. Is anyone going to that? They have t-shirts and bagels.