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  1. Thanks for your advice. Ive been reading about MenuteOS and it dosent sound like something I want on this computer. I read about Tomsrtb but i cant find any downloads ...that arent in German.
  2. Today I was reading Wiki's about Hacking groups and found DDP and StankDawg. I thought the name sounded familiar and remembered back when I was a kid and had the pay-as-you-go type dial-up. I would go on IRC rooms because I thought they were really cool. I remember talking to StankDawg and he asked me to join DDP. I was a kid (about 7 or 8) and didnt care. It blew my mind that i remembered him and that there was a wiki about him. If you read this i just want to say whats up, and i dont remember what username i had back then so you probably dont remember me. But yea. Ive recently been trying to get Linux on my friends old computer, but i have Dial-up still and cant get any decent OS downloaded. I just put MenuetOS on a floppy so ill see how that goes tomorrow. PEACE. `Tokelokenem