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  1. About 1989 or 1990...modified a Uniden 200XLT scanner to receive cell phones.
  2. http://www.w2sjw.com/radio_sounds.html
  3. if you want one that does AM, FM, SSB and trunking...you'll spend more than $300 plus I can't think of a model that does all that. You might want to look at an AOR model or a Kenwood TH-F6A. If you don't need SSB, then look at some of the Uniden or GRE models that fit your price range. If you can, spend a little more and get a Uniden BCD396T or BCD396XT when it comes out.
  4. http://www.radioreference.com/forums/showthread.php?t=63775
  5. I'll up you one! At some sites, we do Squid with NTLM plugin so users have to log into the network. It thing gets forward to dansguardian, which get's forwarded to yet another squid instance. It can't be used with transparent proxying. It still works pretty fast, but yeah - RAM/CPU can be a issue. Your security guy should be able to first up tethereal/iftop/whatever on the proxy and get a good idea of whats going on. Or worse case, if those Nortel switches are managed, setup a "mirror" port and monitor the traffic that way. It would be the "security guy" that would be running whatever it is. I don't trust him at all...no one does. he remind you or a sneaky little rat that would stab his mother in the back to make himself look good. Thanks guys. Everyone that really matters I've told verbally what I think's going on. Plus, I have nothing to hide anyway. I just think it's dirty and a little sneaky to do that if in fact he is. I know they are work computers and they can do that if they want, but still.
  6. Yeah, I guess you're right about tracert. I didn't see anything in the data closet that caught my attention this morning. Thanks
  7. I have not been active here for a long time but this was the first place I thoguht of when I needed some assistance. Background: A few people in my office mentioned that the internet was slow recently. At the same time I noticed that pages would load with the exception of some images and/or graphics. The final hop out goes through a company wide filter, but this is not what it's hitting. Someone else noticed that pages that contained data like temp. and weather conditions were not correct (old data). I then remembed that our network "security" guy was installing what looked like Red Hat linux (or some flavor of that OS) when I walked by a few times BEFORE the slowness started. Today we found out that someone was "let go". I have not found out exactly what as of yet. Today when I popped into the "security" guys office, I noticed what looked like etheral running on his linux PC. Our office has our own two Nortel switches. Info Requesting: Anyone know of a GUI based monitoring/sniffing/arping/proxy app that does not need any configuration on the PCs being monitored and causing pages not to load fully or correctly? Any way to tell if this is being used WITHOUT showing up as snooping around? tracert looks normal. Tomorrow I will try a port on another switch in the same data closet and see if I see anything weird/different on our switch. EDIT: First app I found that's Linux based and transparent is Squid.
  8. you are hearing a trunked digital system. not a funky poor encryption, SSB, CW or aliens. and yes, you could have CW or SSB on any freq.
  9. the software makes managing a lot of freqs very easy. keep in mind that I have found the Butel software to be very buggy sometimes. he tends to use OLD Visual C++ to make his software. IMO, his support is not very good. also, he promises updates but never delivers. but with all of that said, until something better is available, I will stick with it.
  10. use freq counter or the "close call" feature to get the freq of the radio. for cordless phone info, go here: http://wiki.radioreference.com/index.php/Cordless_Phone the OLD cordless phones from the 80's used a base freq of 7MHz and the handset used a few of the 40MHz freqs.
  11. thats pretty cool I just ordered my Weller WES51 ( the one in the picture ) I plan on using it very very often this summer, i have lots of projects planned to keep my antisocial self occupied. glad I could help. don't be scared when you take it out of the box...it's a 120v iron you plug into the stand that varies the voltage. I thought "what a piece of crap" BUT, it's not at all. plus, if for some reason you need to replace the iron, it'll be a lot cheaper than others that are specific to the unit. it works great. I bought it with various tips and a few extra sponges. enjoy...
  12. I bought a new one about a year ago. I didn't need anything too expensive, so I go this unit. I use it from time to time and it's great. If you're going to use it more then a few times a week, I'd go with the one you have a picture of. http://www.action-electronics.com/wewlc100.htm
  13. I have a Uniden 396T and it's great. The Radio Shack Pro-96 is supposed to be good too. It will not track trunked 380MHz P25 systems though. Check out the wiki on www.radioreference.com for more info.
  14. you need to know what you want to hear, what freqs they are on and what mode they are in (AM, FM, digital). you should get a scanner that will cover what you want to hear (sufficient freq coverage with the all the modes you need/want). not all fed traffic is in P25 (digital) or encrypted. so the statement that 99.99% is encrypted could be true to where the person lives. where I am, it's about 50%. other places I've been it's been 0%. so, it depends. you may be right in thinking it's the DEA helicopters you're seeing. if so, they may be using freqs in the 160MHz/400MHz range in FM as well as normal air freqs in AM. you could be seeing state police and/or local law enforcement as well. they could be working together and using whatever radio system is better in that area. also, they could be using Nextels so you won't hear them at all. others mentioned www.radioreference.com...you need to go there and find out what's in your area. as far as "having good range" that's going to depend more on the antenna then the scanner. the scanners will vary in sensitivity but it would be more important to have a good antenna. you can get one that covers a wide bandwidth or specific to the freq range you're interested in.