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  1. I just like the radio, but mabey your right, oh well I'm still getting a shirt
  2. That isn't what it does at all, did you read further than the topic? There are a lot of these "binders" around. I suppose all of them can be picked up by antivirus programs, and many are themselves bound with something malicious. So how about some source code? I'm sorry I don't have the source code, I can try to get ahold of it, got it from another hacking community,anyway I use it an thought some other people might like it also.
  3. umm okay but this can also run file in hidden mode, like open a jpeg then run a exe in the background and dump files to wherever so thanks for the uninformed flame, this is just to help people out, if you have amazing leet skilz and have no need of it then just move on to the next post
  4. yeah that was cool but they should get a hot babe to do all the talkin
  5. that would be major ownage for sure
  6. I think this is a useful tool, works well, could never seem to find one till I came across this, think link is still up, if not I can make another. Spider Binder 1.3 1 - Supports any type of files 2 - Unlimited number of files for gluing together 3 - Among the functions when gluing together: the choice of 9 ways to droppers, 3 method of execution, 2 attribute to the finished file, 2 sposaba packaging. 4 - Support MessageBox 5 - Support work with icons 6 - 2 stab (. Exe and. Cpl) 7 - Feature delays execution when starting paste file file 8 - Kriptovanie file "RC4" 9 - Checked in Vinde HP I hate 10 - Stab ~ 13 kb without compression 11 - System Anti norman 12 - System Anti Anubis Supplement 1) In the folder: Programfiles Windir System32 SystemDrive (usually C: \) is not desirable for the drop in hate, because for the finished work properly file required rutovye law 2) When you drop in auto directors are encouraged to stand attribute "rmal" because files with the attribute of "Hidden" may not work at boot.
  7. why would you rat on him? I mean haven't you ever done anything you don't want people to know. oh an how to catch him...since he sits next to you you could get a hardware keylogger that conects between the keyboard and the computer, then you could use that info to turn him in...or keep it to yourself and be happy knowing your schools admin info
  8. I would be careful to be sure they don't track everything you do on there, I know for a fact my school does
  9. I'm new to binrev, join after hearing binrev radio and was just wondering if there was a forums to post tools to share, I have picked some up over time and just wondered if people were able to contribute them here. thanks
  10. I like the added flare of walking around with a book about hacking that has a pirate skeleton on it. *sarcasm*