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  1. try a five digit number for the employer code. 12001 12002 etc works
  2. i would be careful if you do complete this project. cellphones with the vibrator wired into things can attract attention that you probably don't want.
  3. "She just wanted to enroll in online classes" until that impostor windows operating system was forced onto her by the evil corporation.
  4. "What is the most dangerous thing in your house? Look no further than your keyboard." That first line definitely sets the tone for the rest of thing thing.
  5. I bet RMS explains how Linux should be called GNU/Linux again. I know he has done a lot of work and he deserves the credit but no one calls it GNU/Linux, it's way too long.
  6. Nobody has said KMFDM yet.
  7. It definitely sounds like client isolation on the router level. On a network of that size someone is likely going to be using iTunes DAAP or Windows file sharing. That's what showed up when I scanned my XP SP3 machine upstairs.
  8. 867-966 is Old Crow, Yukon and according to telcodata.us the switch is a MDX384 which is the same switch as Livengood. Might be fun to poke around there.
  9. Awesome, thank you so much!
  10. Ahoy! I am trying to track down a copy of the Nortel Millennium Manual. It used to be hosted on Telust and Bellsmind but the links are all 404'd now. The file name was nortel_millennium.pdf I think and it was around 130mb. Someone must have it. Thanks in advance
  11. what about seal and aghaster?

  12. Greetings from area code 613. Here is my obligatory first post.