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  1. This company has nothing better to do than sue tellemarketers/advertisers? I think there is something you're not telling us.
  2. like this one?
  3. Thanks dude I'll check it out: EDIT: Ok its about as good as I am gonna get, (i think) so thanks, I can edit the tones and shit to get it right
  4. I need to know how this is done... Is there any sort of recorder/software that can take the voice of me and then when someone talks into a mic its my voice?
  5. Yes, that is by design. We aren't here to help you compromise someone else's system. All that aside, it's not as simple as it may sound to open up a telnet port. Maybe 15 years ago before everyone was paranoid about security, but not anymore. Don't take this the wrong way, but if you have to ask how to do it then you probably aren't ready to attempt it yet. Do some reading on networking and TCP/IP. Get a feel for how everything works together. Learn what it means to have a program listening on a port, and what a connection means. Learn how routers can pass or filter traffic. Then give it another go. Ok thanks for the info I will read up. Mod please close.
  6. 3. DEFINITION OF "HACKING" Hacking is about production, not destruction; it involves curiosity, research, analysis, knowledge, the creation of new ideas, the discovery of amazing breakthroughs, and the sharing of information with those who will use it responsibly. Hacking is not illegal activity. The Digital Dawg Pound and the Binary Revolution Forums will not take any responsibility for your actions, nor do we condone any sort of illegal activity, especially in the name of hacking. You might also want to read up on TCP/IP networking, you're making too many assumptions... what if he use a router or has a port monitor running? Anyway, make sure you get your friends permission... you'll probably need it, because you won't be getting very far without him actually executing malicious code from you. (Even then, opening a port won't help you much if he's on a private network...). This all just to test telnet -.-' Also getting into his router is equally as fun. I could probably get his permission by asking him if I could test it lol...
  7. Only for America Make one for Spain please
  8. I wanna open my friends port 23 to get in and scare him a bit. Preferably without opening it myself. So I could get the telnet server and bind with an exe?
  9. Maybe a batch file of some sort (Its for telnet of course)
  10. Ok well thanks for all the help mates
  11. Ok well i searched ebay "3g phone" and all i got where iPhone -.-' I think I'll start saving my monehs for a 3g cos this would really help when on teh road EDIT: And how much credit does it take every second lol?
  12. sudo dpkg --configure -a insert your password VIOLA! Damn I thought I was a linux virgin xD
  13. OMG Thanks for the links mate
  14. no actually all the throughput rates are the same. the only time you will see a difference is if youre using a phone thats not 3g. so if i tether my 3g phone to my laptop im going to get the same rates as the laptop connect card, but if i take my sim card out and use it in my wifes phone for i wont get the fast 3g data rates because her phone is not 3g compatible. now of course youre not supposed to do this and if they find out theyll cancell your data package, but ive never had a problem and ive used it quite a bit. So with an LG I can connect? Or just for iPhone 3g? I don't understand the whole 3g thing ima look it up EDIT: Ok so 3G networks have high-speed internet? But can I do this on a lower speed internet?
  15. Some modern day pay phones (I've only seen these in airports) do have support for internet access. Very nice! Will have to check em out