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  1. That above spam post should be removed by Moderators here If anyone wants to pay for their laptop password just Google these services there's about a thousand of them I suspect that spammers posting their email for password removal help is usually the top dollar spammer. ie You'd be mad to take it up. Now for the free help. I made a post here on Dell password removal info: Free of course (other than Dell manufacture themselves, which is only $49 (even outside warranty) But I also included an attachment with: unlock6.exe (created 1997) BIOS_PW.EXE (created 2003) HDD_PW.EXE (created 2003) Attached, in the thread. Now I'm sure many reading here will rush off to get it (and no issue if you do) But be aware of the creation dates, if you have a newer than 2003 laptop (um that would be everyone I suspect) Then these generators won't do squat. I'm on a quest for the Dell 595B generator, but I've been searching (very strongly) for a year now (and I don't even own a Dell !) Once I get it (inevitably) I'm going to post it freely to the world, to stop all these spammers dead in their tracks. Just thought I'd share, as this was the No.1 Google hit for "BIOS_PW.EXE" Have a nice day