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  1. Could you explain why should one choose LibreOffice over OpenOffice?
  2. im thinking the same
  3. Script kiddie?
  4. Noone visits other forums?
  5. Hello, what other hacking forums do you visit? Please post your links thank you
  6. Hello, which debugger do you use? I have tried IDA Pro, but I see that most people use Ollydbg... Why is Ollydbg so popular? PS:sry for posting in the wrong section
  7. Ok... Should I learn programming sockets with C++ or learn about winsock?
  8. My problem is how to start a project... I want to create a form, so that the user enters his nickname etc, a form where he will enter the channel name etc... So far i have been doing simple console programs with C and C++...
  9. Ok, I have read the and I got a basic understanding of how IRC works... What is next?
  10. R4p1d: The only code I have is the assigments I did for university (I study Electrical and Computer Engineering) Ohm: How should i get started with writing an IRC program?
  11. Thank you Ohm for your answer... I have also thought of writing a simple IRC programming or something like that...
  12. I have been learning C and C++ over the last few years... My problem is i don't know where to go next. I know how to use pointers, classes etc... in C++ but i haven't written an actual program, only assigments from the university(calculating arithmetic means, mean deviation etc)... I have thought of joining some opensource project but i do not have prior experience... Thank you
  13. I think he means hacking mobile phones, sim cards etc
  14. I want to learn more about SQL and SQL injection. What do you suggest to read? I have tha basic knowledge of PHP.