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  1. Yeah, I knew it'd need an upgrade to really be able to do anything. So far, this laptop is the only one i've found that has 2 PCMCIA card slots. How do you other war drivers do it? Do you have a laptop with two card slots, or do you use a usb/pcmcia card to crack WEP? All the usb wireless adapter's i've found don't seem to have the power output you can get from a pcmcia card. Is there a laptop that's relatively inexpensive that has two pcmcia card slots, and is recently new enough to run a linux live cd distro, that i've just never seen yet? Or is there another method of getting two prism based adapters on a laptop i'm not familiar with?
  2. currently it's got 16mb of EDO ram...(upgradable to 144mb) and a pentium 133mhz processor. I wanted to make sure i can boot off some kind of image before i upgrade the RAM.
  3. Thanks for the suggestions guys. The distro I want to install on it is the backtrack live cd distro. I got this laptop because it was one of the few that i've found that actually has 2 PCMCIA card slots in it(i want to try WEP cracking and two wireless cards are needed). I'm thinking I will put the laptop hard drive in another machine and install it from there, and then see how it goes. By the way, the laptop hard drive is 2.1gb....that reminds me, i need to see how big the backtrack distro is =P
  4. hey guys i've got an old toshiba tecra 510 laptop, and i want to install linux on it. Unfortunately it doesn't seem to want to boot from cd. I've setup the BIOS but it still doesn't boot from my linux live cd (backtrack). Another hold up - It takes a proprietary floppy drive that I don't have either. So I cannot create any kind of floppy boot disks. I do however have a laptop to IDE converter, so on my desktop I can copy files to the laptop hard drive. Is there any kind of software I can load on the hard drive that will boot, and then let me choose to boot off cd-rom? Or software that will let me choose to boot an iso image if i copy it to the hard drive?
  5. Hey guys, I've been trying to get kismet running on my laptop and ran into an issue. First thing i did, was "yum install kismet" which it proceeded to do and said it installed successfully. So, i typed "kismet" from the terminal and got "Waiting for server to start before starting UI... FATAL: Could not find user 'your_user_here' for dropping priviledges. Make sure you have a valid user set for 'suiduser' in your config file. See the 'Installation & Security' and 'Configuration' sections of the README file for more information." Which made me think, ok the config file needs to be setup, so I go to /usr/local/etc, and there's nothing in that directory! So, i figured kismet was setup wrong or i've been trying to compile it on my own. But now when ever i try to run ./configure i get "configure: WARNING: uclibc++ not available on this system checking for main in -lstdc++... no configure: WARNING: libstdc++ not available on this system configure: error: Neither uclibc uClibc++ or standard gcc stdc++ libraries found. " I've been scouring yahoo searching for uclibc and stdc ++ rpm's, everything I have found has not worked at all. So, can someone point me to the correct files kismet is looking for? Or tell me if i should just copy/paste a config file and throw it in /usr/local/etc?
  6. That's not a bad idea, i've got a senao card i'd like to use in one of my computers. I was thinking of setting up fake AP to broadcast a few thousand AP's around my house. In using one of these PCI to PCMCIA cards, would linux require any drivers to make it work? Or would i just be set in using the regular Prism drivers I use with the card running kismet?
  7. You need at least SP1 to see large hard drives.
  8. Hey guys, i've got a personal FTP site with a bunch of mp3's on it. What I want to do is have some sort of program that streams my media from my server, with a web based interface that allows me to pick and choose which songs are streamed. I want to be able to do all this remotely so I can share songs with friends without them having to download the songs completely. Does anyone know a program that'll run on windows server 2003 that'll do this?
  9. This was a good post - Got me wondering about my own server 2003 box. netstat -a dumped this info: Active Connections Proto Local Address Foreign Address State TCP server:ftp server:0 LISTENING TCP server:smtp server:0 LISTENING TCP server:http server:0 LISTENING TCP server:pop3 server:0 LISTENING TCP server:epmap server:0 LISTENING TCP server:microsoft-ds server:0 LISTENING TCP server:1029 server:0 LISTENING TCP server:1030 server:0 LISTENING TCP server:1031 server:0 LISTENING TCP server:1032 server:0 LISTENING TCP server:3389 server:0 LISTENING TCP server:1040 server:0 LISTENING TCP server:netbios-ssn server:0 LISTENING UDP server:microsoft-ds *:* UDP server:isakmp *:* UDP server:1026 *:* UDP server:1037 *:* UDP server:3456 *:* UDP server:4500 *:* UDP server:ntp *:* UDP server:3456 *:* UDP server:ntp *:* UDP server:netbios-ns *:* UDP server:netbios-dgm *:* Now i understand the first 13 entries are enabled and listening because of the services i have setup on the box, what about the other entries? Marked with *.*, are these ports open i assume? are they connected or listening also? Why dont they have a "foreign address" ? Also, say you did notice that they were routing traffic thru your box, what honeypot for windows could you setup? I've never used a honeypot and i'm just interested what they can do for you.
  10. Hi, I'm sard, and i'm a binrev-aholic....
  11. Hey guys, I had used the windows xp built in encryption (yeah dumbass me) to encrypt a few folders of mine that had sensative information in them. I backed them up on an external hard drive, and reformatted my computer. Unfortunately I didn't realize that when I did this, I either lost the encryption key, or something of the sort because windows will not allow me to access / copy any of the files back onto my computer. I did a bit of google searching but everything I found was using a program to encrypt and decrypt folders using that specific program. How can i unencrypt these files?