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  1. yeah I have found some that work in a way that you can assign buttons to keystrokes then assign the keystrokes to whatever you want. But in reason 4 you have a virtual xy pad and I wanted to take advantage of that. Thanks tho. I have a friend whos going to toss me a ps3 controller to mess with. I guess traktor is hid compatible and I will be getting that soon enough. I just wanted to figure a way to make my studio just that much more nerdy. I mean im already installing my mpc and keyboard controller in a metal suit case and making a new face plate for it.... just to have everything all in one. at least thats the plan.
  2. Being into modding and controllerism/house dj I like to make my own ways of playing music. I have a drawing pad and I was interested into turning it into an x/y axis pad or "kaos pad" for effects and what not. Using mostly reason 4 and ableton live they don't support HID (human interface data) but they do support midi. Anyone have any intermediary programs they know of that will convert the data? they idea came from Ean Golden using a guitar hero controller as a sampler to play live.
  3. On this machine (kubuntu/xp) It has an option to choose "session" on the login screen. Switch that to fluxbox. But that's just this, i'm not sure if its the same for fedora because I never used it (even though I have a manufactured version of 10)
  4. Well sad to say I put way to much time into it. yes the hdd was fucked. I didn't want to believe it but i ended up replacing it with one of my others that already had an o/s on it. what I learned: I'm retarded!
  5. no 3 1/2 but I have one that I may be able to hook up if i can fund the sumbitch. As far as making fun of ubuntu. hey it works! try to tell me it doesn't. plus it was the only o/s within arms reach excluding opensuse. yeah slackware and debian would take to much of my time up. but it may be better since I might turn this into a server machine though. ftp or mail or firewall I donno' just wanna get it running first. I'll get a copy of debian and try to install that (yeah debian is my favorite). I never have tried BSD come to think of it.
  6. -yes drives are spinning. -Maxor 40g westerndigital 80g (system original hdd) -yes IDE cables were replaced by me so brand new ones are in - Jumper settings were wrong I found out so thats why the bios couldn't see the drives I believe. I'm guessing the person put in the second drive and didn't know about the jumpers. -No i haven't tried pulling on of my harddrives out of any other machines yet. I was going to try this before you suggested it but its hard to make a lot of time to sit and work for a few hours -I get that beautiful Compaq splash screen going into the bios I see Phoenix bios setup. bios revision 3.11 05/17/2004 core version v6.0 Hard drives work now... now as far as installing an o/s on them..... this is odd. Say I try to install ubuntu on it. it'll take like 5 mins just to get past the meter bar spash screen. and it'll eventually just stop during installation freezing the computer. they are old hard drives so i'm sure it may take a bit of time since i'm sure they have very slow speeds but this isn't like anything I've seen before. [edit] I just noticed after the meter bar im getting DRDY errors. maybe i need to fsck. [/edit] Ok booting up into spinrite to try a hdd data recovery i seee both drives I see linux native then.... ahhh! why is it red. Ok "drive dos c: 12-bit fat Unable to access the entire range of sectors occupied by this region of the drive. the systems BIOS may be deliberately blocking access to this region if it is a "gap" at the end of the drive. In this case, Spinrite's inability to access is normal"
  7. So I was dropped off this old computer (compaq presario sr1210nx) from someone who was throwing it away for whatever reason. I decided to take it and see whats going on and maybe make... I don't know a firewall or something out of it. I just wanted to get it up and running (engarde maybe?) I have not been able to install any OS and it runs VERY slow. I can manage to get it to run LiveOS's though. It has no OS on it currently either. I was thinking maybe the HDD was going out so I ran spinrite. YES! no hard drives found. I opened it and saw clear as day 2 were wired in. Go to the bios and of course didn't identify either of the hard drives. It also looks like the CMOS battery was removed because everything was zero out. Date was far from what it should be too. Try and try again it wont detect the hard drives hooked up either!!! AGH! So I was thinking maybe flash the bios.... um yeah. Factory board! very generic. nothing to identify what it is and compaq's website isn't very helpful. The only help i got from them was a .exe for updating the bios. If it were any other computer I would have no problem updating it but this one is kicking me in the balls. So my question is: How can I get that damn Bios to see the HDDs!
  8. I'm taking the step into the pocket world. I am thinking of picking up an ipaq hx2750 from a friend for roughly around $300. I was wondering if anyone had any good reference website for hacking PDA's or things of the same nature. Also has anyone had the chance to play around with one of these?
  9. linuxjournal at times google more so Hustler the most....
  10. 563 here...
  11. Me being the person I am and never having enough time to put in alot of effort in a subject like this. If your goal is to say... Play a game with no need for a cd I found a useful thing can be finding an already modified .exe. But shame shame on pirating if thats your goal :-D Of course youd have to be careful with the source of the .exe, could be a sketchy file. In my case yesterday. I had counterstrike installed on my system and it deteted wine and wouldn' t let me play the game for "Disc EmulatorSoftware Detected" reasons. I dont know, the whole subject confuses me in all honesty. I talked to a friend that I knew and he gave me the CZero.exe and I replaced it with mine and no need for a cd anymore. In my case I don't believe it was illegal because I had the original disc.
  12. I haven't tried that yet. I thought it may work but I had to leave right after I installed the game. Just seeing if anyone had experienced this same problem also. But I will try that and be back later to tell if it worked or not. [edit] Blah I had to resort to a modified .exe.... even though it's not illegal since I own the original copy this is still pretty annoying. So for future reference. Securom is gay! (no offence to the homosexuals out in the forum)
  13. Using wine I took my old CS cd I installed everything properly. I just got a new video card on my Kubuntu machine so I wanted to see what it would look like playing some of the old games. I get an error reading... "Conflict with Disc Emulator Software detected.See for more details" Looking at the website it tells me something like blah blah blah the game wont play because it is a "illegal copy" or some jazz like that. When I assure you it is a paid copy that I've had for years. I am guessing it's because of wine? Any ideas on how to circumvent this? I have been using Linux for years but for some reason never actually tried to emulate windows programs. I have never needed to. So in this field I am very new.
  14. im lucky of have inherited my fathers lifetime, its under his name and I get every issue. Also nice product placement on the boards.
  15. you can tell his age for trying to be senor famous lets me sign an iphone and sell it on ebay. I think if it were me I would pull the whole vigilante thing and keep my identity a secret. I don't know, the kid may be very smart but I think the news is blowing this thing up.