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  1. When your government spys on you the Terrorists win.
  2. Just to reinforce the point, don't delete the logs. As of now you haven't really done anything to raise suspicion. Also if you haven't changed anything they would be more enclined to go easy on you if you were caught. If you had erased the logs the admin would have noticed and I'm sure they have a backup somewhere and than you'd be in worse trouble. Like RightCoast said, forget it ever happened.
  3. No kidding, You'd be supprised at the machines you can get there for a very low price. I got a 500mhz amd k6 machine with 128megs of ram with a monitor for 30 bucks. The trick is to get there in the morning.
  4. Just so you know, Dev-C++ is a C++ compiler, you wouldn't use it for doing html/css stuff. If you want a program that serves a similar function for html/css you can get a free trial of a program called dreamweaver if you're on windows.
  5. yeah, go for python. It's really a lot of fun to work with and has a bunch of links to free tutorials and info on getting started.
  6. You might also want to listen back to some of the BRR episodes which discuss asterisk.
  7. I know there's a project on sourceforge that is planning on writing a linux implementation of vb but I don't think they're even at the coding stage yet. You might, as tehbiz said be able to run vb under WINE. When I had to take a vb class I just used the computer lab to do my homework.
  8. We get that he didn't handle the situation properly but there's no reason to be an ass to the guy.
  9. I think that the ubuntu live cd would work well for you ( All you do is put the cd in and restart.Your computer will boot off the cd and your windows installation will be un affected.
  10. I'd say go with Ubuntu. Anything you can do on Debian you can do on Ubutnu (as well as most other distrobutions). If you want you can get the server install of ubuntu and configure it the way you want or just get the 64bit desktop version and install whatever server apps you want. Ubutnu is also more noob friendly on some of the more mundane tasks such as getting drivers working and stuff like that.
  11. Just out of curiosity, have you had any luck with simpler locks?
  12. Here's a few pics may not be work safe.
  13. Pinhead, I think what you are forgetting is that Linux is about choice, If people want to use an operating system that is A.) Not Windows. B.) Free. and C.) Works well. Shouldn't they have that choice? P.S. Ubuntu is probably doing more to promote the addoption and the betterment of linux than most linux related orgonizations out there.
  14. First off, I doubt that you would encounter any legal issues with scanning on skype. That being said, abusing a cool free service is an asshole thing to do. If someone is nice enough to give you a sandwitch you don't kick them in the balls because they didn't give you a soda as well.
  15. "Don't be a buddy fucker."
  16. Is there a way like a unix command to show all of the computers on a subnet?
  18. I'm running Ubuntu Dapper, and I was wondering how I would go about getting a program to launch when I start up my computer.
  19. cool, thanks all
  20. have you tried memtest86? it's a boot cd used for diagnosing memory issues.
  21. So I'm going to try and compile apache and php for the first time and my question is, in what directory do I install them? btw I'm running ubuntu 6.06 LTS
  22. Have you been messing around in the regestry? Also have you tried booting off a live linux cd?
  23. Just for the record. You aren't from Nigeria are you?
  24. I don't really have any problem with skype. The quality is at least as good as my cell phone (not saying much) and it is FREE. I know it's not opensource, and has a few bugs but hell Richard Stallman I aint. Also you can drastically improve the quallity of skype by forwarding the port it uses.
  25. Xvid for the standard reasons and H.264 due to general ass kickery