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  1. I need more weapons, and vehicles.

  3. I always think of a cool integrated type of forum, where it's more like a culmination of different forums in one. A kind of forum where you can kind of dive between different systems. People play lots of online games, and there could be a sort of message board inside the game itself that also interacts with the outside world. I also think it cool if I were able to connect to say, a friends computer from the permissions he gave me online specified in a post he made - so the friend wouldn't even have to be anywhere near. And just to piggyback Ohm to say if you added the cloud then you get a clear realtime view of what's going on.
  4. All good tools, check out these sidejacking stuffs I'd like to know what you think. I'm also in the process of setting up my own poserpod atm.
  5. awesome sig you're sporting.

  6. Screw that binrev can host it lincom.htm
  7. I made a table just like the book had albeit a bit more organized, and uploaded it to a geocities site for ez access. bb in a sec. *plays geo cities bolero of death*
  8. I found this but I have absoutely no idea what these guys are talkin about, and I'm rather tired.
  9. A while back but for a totally different site. I'll give it a shot and post back if it works. I wasn't too sure these worked on forums. But yeah, HTTrack is beautiful and exactly the thing. It's gonna take a while but I think I can definitely get the job done with this.
  10. I just thought it would be very cool if a non admin user could archive the contents of an entire forum. I'm just curious to know, I've got this forum I like and figured it'd be awesome to have all its information safely stored on my hard drive. Is it possible someway for me to go in and completely pull down the entire forum and save it to my own personal disk? Not Binrev, but another cool forum that may possibly go down.
  11. Some may say that. LOL

  12. so i hear u got mad ping skillz

  13. Erm, you know the anon group is anyone who does something and claims it to be anon right? Yes.
  14. Nah this was done by the anon group, and went directly to /b/.