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  1. Seriously, though, anyone else going? Would love to meet some fellow <BR>ers
  2. And you didn't mention anything.. Hey guys! If you're interested in learning about neuroscience and drugs that make you smart, you should come to Phreaknic this year! It's going to be awesome!
  3. I'll be doing a talk there. If you've never been, you should. It's a blast.
  4. PROJECT. who wants to scan the shit out of this with me?
  5. Just taking a stab in the dark here. Anyone active from the Atlanta area?
  6. I need to start calling into this thing more regularly. Thanks for the reminder, TP!
  7. Chrono basically nailed it. Depending on who I talk to, that sums it up. If I'm talking to the uninitiated, I say "I hack phones"
  8. Can't say I've been dying for such a thing, but it is interesting. If you have any other reason to scan, send me a copy!
  9. Spam
  10. PM on the way
  11. Both '09 and '10 are mirrored here: http://www.gonullyourself.org/cc09mirror/ http://www.gonullyourself.org/cc10mirror/
  12. Figured this would be the best place for this thread. I'll be driving through Florida to attend a friends wedding this weekend in the Clearwater area. Was hoping to meet up with some old and new friends at some point during my trip. Here's my intenerary: Friday (05/06/11): Leaving around 8-9pm EST, and driving 8.5 hours through the night. Arriving in Clearwater around 5-6 AM EST Saturday. Saturday (05/07/11): Got a wedding at some indetermined point of the day. Planning on enjoying some florida stuff (namely, RAW OYSTERS) at some point during the day. Sunday (05/08/11) driving home. have the whole day free for the trip, so am hoping to make some stops on the way home. Would love to take some time to visit my fellow hackers on the trip home. Specifically planning on stopping by the hometown of Mr. Stinkydog. Anyone interested in meeting up that might be on my way back home, or in the clearwater area, please post here.
  13. I figure ConfCon is one of the best options for sharing new information and breakthroughs we come upon as phreaks in the classic way. Not to mention that it's nice to have an entire con dedicated to the single subject, instead of having to sift through everything else to find good phone stuff.
  14. No utility rooms or closets on any of the buildings around me. Going to try another route to see if there are any such rooms in the complex. Also running an intelius check on the name tonight to see what I come up with.
  15. Sucks to hear about the webhost pulling the plug. If you want, I can try to put you guys in contact with the folks who used to host the BCR website. I don't know what the companies structure or prices are these days, but name dropping might still be somewhat helpful for you. If I can help get this thing going, I will do what I can.