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  1. No embedding, how inconvenient:
  2. <object width="425" height="344"><param name="movie" value=" name="allowFullScreen" value="true"></param><embed src=" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" allowfullscreen="true" width="425" height="344"></embed></object>This guy has excellent solutions for various situations we may encounter. The site he refers to in the video is: The only issue I have so far is that I can't figure out where the login/password information is. I looked through the docs and faq. I wanted to test this out quickly, and I emailed the support team. Its hard to find, and I shouldn't have to sit around reading manuals all day to boot off a disc. If anyone is able to figure out how to get this info before these guys email me back, it is much appreciated. The concept is great, and everyone in the US should set one of these up.
  3. We set up a network of repeater stations and dishes in Bangkok. We used those things that you cook wontons in as a dish and put a yagi and a dongle on it. The guy who taught me this stuff said that a yagi and dish dont' work together, but I got better results... We made the yagi out of copper wire and PVC pipe,,,, The poor mans network!
  4. Police handle a lot of situations. What are you looking for exactly?
  5. that is quite an attack...
  6. Thank you! I feel totally stupid. I couldn't find the setting, so I did the CTL+F and yeh,,, there it was. Thank you for dealing with such a stupid question.
  7. Normally you just run ssh as your own user account, no need to use sudo. There could possibly be exceptions -- such as in a case where only root was allowed to run the ssh executable, or there were various per-user configurations set up that you needed to be root to get around -- but in general I've never needed to use ssh as any other than my normal user account. If he reads this thread he might chime in as to what the rationale for his recommending that was. I suppose I should have written "Iron Geek sent me" to get his attention. hehehe Iron Geek is one of my heroes. I first got on his site when I was in Bangkok a few years ago, and I learned a lot. I pass his site to people any chance I get.
  8. Right, I have a ton of split archives, and I can't get them to merge with the archive manager. I want a utility that does this automatically like winrar does. Is there something out there? Thank you in advance
  9. wow, thats quite a list of routers.. thanx I guess my friend's router is securish.....
  10. I'm not sure how it works either, but I was running conky and monitoring my swap and I had to open 5 Gimps, 5 Firefoxs, 5 virtual Boxes to get my Swap to go to 10%.... I hardly ever use the thing, it seems....
  11. Thanx guys, I thought that might be it, but who knows? Always better to ask....
  12. Zeph, Thank you for sharing that info. I'm just learning all this stuff. I used Linux years ago, but now I'm migrating from windoze permanently. I want to learn this OS inside and out. I appreciate your help. Mirrorshades, I set up an SSH tunnel, and Irongeek recommended using sudo for that. Was it unnecessary?
  13. I tried ssh --> connection refused then I tried telnet --> Escape character is '^]'. Connection closed by foreign host. It seems we have a reaction. What do I do now?
  14. I have no options to set my avatar. I've looked at every setting for the last couple of days, and at the risk of looking stupid, I'm going to ask for a blow by blow on how to do this. I'd rather risk public humiliation than spend another frustrated second looking for a setting that is not there.
  15. Thank you, I'll keep that in mind for the future. I'm still learning the protocols, I don't normally post on forums. I didn't have many thoughts about this, except that it is a move in the right direction, but you raise an excellent point about the IP address. If you are communicating with a person who is the target of intelligence collection, then yes connecting to that IP would be incriminating, but I can't think of many other cases where that would be the case. Perhaps you could share some others that am missing? Is there anyway to achieve total anonymity? I see people crying out "TOR! TOR!", but thats like expecting that your conversations on an verizon or AT&T line are private. Are there any solutions?