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  1. hi, im not very good with computers, im actually more into games but i want to create mods and crack online games so i can play them for free. any help would be appreciated, thx.
  2. i cant remember exactly but, i found it when lookin for somthing on google.
  3. i know but i figured it would be easier since i already found this to ask for a little help.
  4. hi, im a newbie myself and i just have a basic idea of what a hacker is. i have a friend whos a hacker and, up to my knowledge, has learned one language, binary. ive looked into the binary language and i was overwhelmed with all that line of code, so ive decided to learn something basic such as C/C++, Java, or HTML. i found a website that teaches you HTML, i also looked into C a little bit and i found that, when using firefox, gaming sites have HTML and C/C++. so does anybody have anything to recommend to me? also, just fyi, i have windows XP and im staying with windows XP.