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  1. I haven't donated because I simply don't spend enough time here to contribute money. I enjoy these forums and find them informative (sometimes) and have a lot of old friends here. Frankly, if I don't contribute enough, it's because I don't have time. Most of us who work in the real world and tie ourselves up on projects in our free time don't have a lot of space for casual browsing and trolling the Binrev forums. The ones who spam and turn Binrev into 4chan have no lives and obviously more free time than they know what to do with.
  2. Anything remotely modern and important of mine runs something like Gentoo or Arch, simply because I like more quality control and granularity on my systems. Beave echoes several of my biggest reasons for using Gentoo on servers and mission-critical systems. I would choose Debian or other binary-based distros for a laptop or casual use desktop system. But these days, I have so much work to do that frankly, I'm willing to invest time into my casual-use desktop if it means I won't ever have to bother with it again. Alk3, The point of a source-based distro is control. If I'm going to invest the time into a well-constructed system, in the scientific sense, it's going to be something that will stay up for years and serve its purpose well without a hiccup or compromise. As long as the developers maintain a piece of software. Fort Knox. I plan to have my machines running for years with essentially the same set of applications and data.
  3. I admire you for your denounciation of religion/monotheism in previous posts. It requires quite a bit of courage to condemn the concept so bluntly, and it is high time that someone did.

  4. I'm going to and fro in NY all the damn time. I'm going to the city on the 5th and staying until the 7th. I could see myself realistically being able to attend HOPE this year. It would be cool to chill for awhile away from work with a bunch of hackers.
  5. At first I thought, "Homophilia?" Now, I've tacked "bullshit" onto my mental perception of this campaign.
  6. I'm going to go this year. If nothing else but to be a nuisance and wander around NYC drunk off my ass. I'm sure there will be some great presentations and some awesome folks there. As for the hotel, I'll probably check into some cheapass place somewhere in the city, or just bring enough uppers to last the entire conference like a true hacker. Any binrev people doing presentations?
  7. then again, if you were a good enough (blackhat) hacker, it wouldn't be hard to obtain a laptop
  8. probably a fatass notebook full of valuable information, a usb stick full of booty and 0days, a beige box, lockpicking kit, magnetic card reader/writer
  9. <3 default
  10. pick up a phone and start phreakzoring(?), try to pwn as many docs as possible and impress people by flaunting your obscure test numbers and other such shit blah drugs
  11. I second the hostel idea. Why the fuck would anyone pay that much for a hotel? Fuck that shit. Gotta be street smart when you're traveling and look for good deals. I'm going to try to make it to HOPE this time around. As long as I've got my game plan straight, it won't be too hard to get to New York and hang out with some leet folk.
  12. Happy Birthday!

  13. Is that you holding all the disk in the picture? Yes. I thought they were credit cards =\ And to answer the OP's question, mastery is not easily obtained. I've been doing this stuff for almost 10 years, and I still can't say I've achieved any kind of mastery, though I could probably land a sweet job if I had the credentials and do some stellar work.
  14. Right now I'm using opensuse 10.2 on a very new machine (C2Quad, 8800gtx, etc.) and all my hardware is supported. SATA drivers load on startup, 8800 series drivers are available from nVidia and work fairly well. There are drivers for just about everything. Default kernel doesn't have it? Build it.