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  1. Ok from what I've dicked with, it has a PC Based control, you can get into it by accessing a local IP on my schools network from guest or admin, why mine doesnt work I have no clue... I can lock it open, send it up or down and say profanities on mic through PC, and calling it allows me a 2 way comms with anyone in the cab at the time.
  2. simple, while device is unlocked and authenticated, freeze said device in liquid nitrogen or if unavailable, canned air sprayed upside down, and keep at a constant freezing temprature and uncap with fuming red nitric or sulfuric acid, the resulting thermal difference and acidic properties will cause the chip to crack open, while retaining the information stored in NVRAM, remove said chip with similarly cooled tool and examine under a cooled microscope.
  3. Ok, let me rephrase my question "I can hear everything that goes on, so would this be useful for gaining passwords and such from school administrators and the like?" Would this be useful to call at opportune times to obtain information from school staff such as upcoming events or sensitive information? EDIT: Some info about said elevator: TYPE: Otis Elevator Otis Elevonic 3rd revision hardware (I'd say they pinched out and got the standard one without internet control but I may be wrong.) APPEARANCE: Stainless Steel Panel with Stainless steel buttons, Red Display, red button rings. INSTALLED: Roughly 3 months ago Provisions: Fire Blanket, Digital Chime, Buzzer, dot-matrix 2digit display. SETUP: 2 Levels, G and 2. Construction: Carbonsteel, Linoleum, Plastic.
  4. Alright, I found the elevator phone number for my schools new elevator, besides the usual kiddie stuff, is there any benefit to hacking this? I can hear everything that goes on, so would this be useful for gaining passwords and such from school administrators and the like? Would there be any sort of external control system? AKA ala locking someone in and torturing them verbally untill they crack?''
  5. sounds like some kind of test tone of sorts, I'd ask in since I don't know much about BT.
  6. I would put my savings toward it, but it wouldnt be alot of use to me, I oould probably take out a business loan and start a Cellular company or just tear it down and sell parts of it to the phreaks on here.
  7. Ok heres my specs: 650mhz Pentium 3 192mb RAM 10GB HDD would it be feasable to put it on there or should I just bin this laptop and get a newer P4 based one?
  8. I found the latest 2600 among the current magazines, its the spring '10 one with the skype cover I liked the grey hat manifesto and "print me?" by stank
  9. Yeah, I could do that
  10. You are forgetting one thing...We can throwback to older and widespread means if we're prepared, I have enough equipment at my disposal to set up a small W/LAN Spider within a few hours of the US Internet going down, I have a plan if some shit goes bad up here in Canada, I can keep contact over POTS, Wireless and Cell, and even Shortwave and GMRS/FRS This is a pic of the mojave desert long lines, even in times of nuclear war it could still function Why don't we start preparing like we did 20 years ago?
  11. One doesnt spin and makes music, the other beeps and makes scraping noises.
  12. The Drives themselves made music, but now they wont spin
  13. So my freinds aincent and mostly unused box recently bit it, we were OCing it from 1.8 Athon XP to around 3.4Ghz or so by covering it in dry ice, but we didint realise that we were overclocking the southbridge too, so It burned out our hard drives too, "she can't take anymore capitan" comes to mind, now his maxtor (crap) plays a little tune Which I think is "Suzanne Vega - Tom's Diner" and the other one which is a WD (<3) beeps, we decided to pop them open, we found crashed heads in one and cleaned plates ala deskstar in the maxtor. Why do hard drives play music when they die?
  14. I'll take your word on the image. I haven't seen it before either but the comments are new relating to what's going on. I just wanted to clarify for people following the issue. What's weird about the whole 'sage' here is that they seemed to have surrendered or rather accepted defeat but then the terms became too harsh. Their enemies wanted to continue to hunt them down and even go after the company that bought them or signed an intent to buy anyway. The stockholders are going to vote on it soon so it isn't official (my bet is that they'll vote it down). As a consequence, they came about and rediscovered their resolve to continue to host torrents and prevent multinationals from snuffing them out. TBP is fine now
  15. Judging by the quality of the samples, it sounds to me like you were just using Chiptalk. Y'know, you can get a copy of samples that wasn't recorded by some guy with a noisy microphone, right? http://little-scale....ample-pack.html yep, caught red handed, but yeah I think i'll redo it later today.