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  1. I'm on board. Everyone makes such a big deal out of this worm like it is something new. We have seen things relatively simmilar to this before. I am by no means saying this will be an easy task but people have caught these worm writing a-holes before and hopefully it will happen again.
  2. I am interested in setting up a red team attack on my own systems just to test security. Any sugestions to improve my red team attack would be extremely helpful. Just to maximize the effectiveness of this and to not waste any data to be collected from this "experiment" *comp *Vista 64bit sp2 *amd 5600+black edition *AVG free edition *standard ethernet connection (only 10 mbps) * small attached gaming server running 2x amd turrion w/t ubuntu serer edition (most recent revision) Any info as far as maximizing all attacks and possible defense would be greatly appreciated
  3. I bet you about a few months too a year. Its gonna be hard info to find though. As much as I hate to admit it those techies in britain know what there doin. They wont just put stuff out there for nothin. Better get your wallet ready (you rich cracker/serious ASSho#@!
  4. I also happen to own a dell little lap top 'o love. I hate it. The Eee has much better interweb cappabilities plus it is lighter and the battery life is pretty damn good too. Its definetly worth it to buy one of these babies. However i would recomend buying a roll up keyboard for fast and easy transportation because of course the keyboard is a little cramped. These rollup keyboards are good for coffee shops ETC. because they can be washed plus you could purchase one of these for about ten bucks. I got mine at staples (that was easy.)
  5. I still would go with my little Eee. Even though it may cost a bit more it runs linux like a dream and it is not prone to glitches like other notebooks that are preloaded with all that crappy software that just slow the computer down. The only downside is the graphics viachrome=bad
  6. I have been able to. However that was just the default setting. I would probably just try to get to the main control settings from the root menu and then from there calibrate the six axis from that point on
  7. Im not saying i dont use anything else. However I have many friends that are not as technology adept as myself so i must humor them with my myspace page.
  8. I wouldnt do that. Personally. There is not a whole lot to cover. If there is a ways to make yourself annonymous do that. I wouldnt do that though thats just very sh@#$. I mean if your gonna do something even close to this then you should make it meaningfull and usefull to extend your knowledge. Trust me dont be an ahole. :nono:
  9. The opprotunities are endless. Oh i should just stop using binrev it gives me too many ideas.
  10. You may be of great help to me. Please contact me.
  11. Haxor was good, it had its merrits. however bin rev seemed like it had more variety and more fun stuff. Plus the constant variety of people on the show was great.
  12. Try to narrow your connection. Also maybe try to change your domain name server. If it is your DNS then there will be nothing else that you can do other than try to change the address
  13. I dont blame the company. I mean maybe corporate espionage is a bit extreme. However this is definetly not withing the scope of a straight edge techie. Seems strange to me. Ive never been asked that in any interview before thats for sure.
  14. sign up for the binrev mentoring program found on the site. However there is alot of info just floating around in the forums and alot of people like you just trying to get more info. Good luck!
  15. just hit 4.50 GHZ with liquid nitrogen. Ill post pics 'o this crazy sh!@ its really cool.(pun intended)