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  1. Awesome first post. You should keep running with that idea. I'm sure if some others contributed it could be an awesome thread.

  2. When installing ubuntu I ignored most of the options that it gave me. I had 500Gb for xp, and when it asked me, it seemed like it was relatively straightforward when asking me how much i wanted for ubuntu, and how much i wanted to leave alone. If you could post a screenshot of the manual part that would be great... Otherwise just go balls to the walls, and I'm sure you'll be fine. Sorry, its been a while since I've installed ubuntu :\ Also, the install varies a little bit from version to version of ubuntu. I installed gutsy first, then installed hardy, and it had changed a little bit (options etc.). Maybe a screen of the manual section of the install would jog my memory. Then again, thats a lot of work, and you would probably get by with an educated guess as to which options you should choose. Thats how I did it . Well good luck, and hopefully nothing gets lost. Sorry if some of that didn't make sense. I was trying to remember as I was typing... so maybe its muddied like my thoughts lol.
  3. You don't need extra software to resize your partitions or w/e. Have you looked at the manual install? Try that. I believe I "manually" resized my partition or w/e. At first I had xp, then installed ubuntu 8.04. I think I remember being a little freaked out by what ubuntu was trying to do, but as I recall I just chose the manual option and it lets you choose to "use the largest freespace" on your hdd. Also, you don't have to mess with any jumpers. I didn't. I would imagine you've already looked through the manual option though.
  4. You should look for specific devices, and see if you can somehow alter the firmware. One of my friends recently tried to get some program on his phone (maybe an emulator), but he couldn't because he couldn't find any ways to work around the firmware. I have an instructor who's working with some robots and C language. I'll ask him about the hardware/software and see if he knows of any way to "inject" a language into a device. Good first post.
  5. (flame ) Have any of you ACTUALLY used a multitude of linux distros on laptops? If so perhaps you should explain which ones, and which worked best. I've also been interested on putting nix on a laptop, so if anyone has suggestions please elaborate. Since ubuntu has so much support wouldn't it be more likely to support w/e hardware your trying to work with? I'm a nub when it comes to nix. Although I will say I like ubuntu. It's not as bland as a lot of distros, so maybe that makes it unappealing to some, but who knows. Please those of you who have a lot of experience with nix get on this.
  6. So do names regularly show up? I tried two number and although the city, provider, and type of line showed up (nice work) the name did not.
  7. luigi is a good guy. breaking down stereotypes whenever possible
  8. so wait is that you with the thumbs up murd0c?
  9. (this smiley isn't rolling his eyes, he's looking up at the most glorious smashing of abba ever. cinnamon as well.)
  10. ohm sounds like u and me have something in common! smart grandmothers! (yay firefox)
  11. hey gregor i was wondering where you have heard the term "mitral" before? i've never heard that. always bicuspid or semi-lunar. what are they teaching us kids in our highschool anat. and phys. classes? (btw not implying mitral is incorrect, just asking where u saw it. book? class? etc...)
  12. so your saying because my computer is less than a foot and a half away from my knee, i'm at risk for cancer? i wonder if we can make a list of 10 things that DON'T cause cancer.
  13. i see in addition to starwars you like cooking.
  14. well i do
  15. how the heck do u plan on doing that? :D