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  1. This movie was actually really.......bad
  2. so i was going to make a web site for some hacker movies i made yet i know nothing about security can some one please help me? and another thing i need help with I'm going to need to start on a free web hosting since i am low on cash so does anyone have any suggestions on that?
  3. Why frownie face?
  4. Oh cool thanks. and maybe im wrong about the voice mail thing.
  5. Hmm that would be nice. Hey is there any way we (The users) could help?
  6. I've heard phreakers can use a pay phone as their voice mail... Is this true? Some one please explain. Second does anyone know where to buy a tone dialer?
  7. :nono: Lol and they call them selves "Deadly Hackers"
  8. If any one is willing to sell me one (or more) ill be happy to buy.
  9. I've really wanted a copy of BinRev Mag, but it has been saying orders are unavailable. And the last update on it was forever ago, does this mean i can't ever get a copy?
  10. When i try to enter the site it takes me to google... Is this happening to anyone else?