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  1. I read about this on torrentfreak and was wondering if anybody had any idea what this was about?
  2. Ever heard of the geek squad MRI disk? It's like that in simplicity but for the cops to point and click an automated forensics report generator without the need to know a whole lot.
  3. If and when breakdown occurs, the words of Bryant from Bladerunner will ring true. "If you're not cop, you're little people." Here's something I found.
  4. Honda, Toyota, Subaru. Best makes I've encountered.
  5. Something to note is that money is merely an idea (Any other Rich Dad Poor Dad readers?). Your psychological financial blue print determine how much money one makes. It might seem like an overly simple concept but understanding basic principles of money will over the long term yield many more benefits than a quick way to make a buck. Richest Man in Babylon by George S. Clason Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill The Millionaire Next Door: The Surprising Secrets of America's Wealthy by Thomas J. Stanley and William D. Danko Secrets of the Millionaire Mind: Mastering the Inner Game of Wealth by T. Harv Eker I've liked these books a lot. Also a good place to visit:
  6. I found this just recently on their site. Exciting stuff and I've been wondering when someone was going to get it started. I can't wait until November. Check the Aug 15th entry
  7. I'm actually in the Everett area now. Moved.
  8. It is true Marx lived in a very different world to the appearances of the eye. Yes there existed a Capitalist society in name. At that time people one could liken most of society with how China is now. Lots and lots of unskilled labor. Those who control the labor are the leaders. Citizens grew increasingly discontent with dismal living standards. We see our society now taking a 180. With schools turning out students according to Fabian doctrine we are on our way into our own version of socialism. As it is you have blowhards like O'Reilly, Hannity, Medved, Limbaugh coat their messages in herd mentality and group think most favorable to one who desires unbridled control with as little as dissent as possible. I forgot where I read it but something said that communism in the 21st Century will be cloaked under the guise of Democracy. The only thing standing in the way of a complete tyranny in America is the Constitution. People say that we are free in this country but in reality financial bondage does the silent job of keeping the people running their respective mouse wheels and we keep throwing things at them to keep them occupied. Why do you think they haven't secured our borders, are trying to make 15-20 million illegals citizens, and have now allowed mexican truckers into our nation. Very insightful article explaining how America is slowly being taken over by communist principles.
  9. Such a statement comes across as an open invite to belittle and flame. "Never admit your fears because your enemy will inevitably oblige." My own quote, Art of War style. I don't know but you could always check your local Barnes and Noble or college library for the latest QST or Amature Radio issue. I'm pretty sure they even have websites.
  10. Let them remain blissful in their arogant ignorance. These people are the same ones who would hand over their constitutional rights because "they have nothing to hide." It's doesn't even have to be about that. It's about taking a friggin interest in your personal information, security and overall safety. They'd rather the government take care of them instead of asserting any sort of individualism. Just the same, they'd rather listen to a completely biased piece of shock and awe reporting regarding an issue they know nothing about because it makes them feel satisfied they are nothing like the individuals being vilified in the sorry excuse of journalistic trash. They should excercise some personal thought for a change.
  11. Check radioshack. Most modern day scanners should be able to receive those freqs. It wouldn't really help to give you any specific model names because of the sheer volume of scanners available today. However, Uniden and Yaesu are pretty popular makes. Check them out.
  12. Get partitionmagic to make a specific partition. Then get TrueCrypt to encrypt it and after you do that pour everything into it. Makes things a little more hectic but how important is security to you? Get Tor as a simple method of covering your tracks. Albeit not the most secure, at least it does something. The new Lavasoft 2007 just came out. If you download make sure you use Peerguardian 2. At least it blocks known questionable IPs.
  14. I'm in Federal Way at the moment. I'm doing school at DeVry. I'm not a coder but I do know a little bit about investing, money stuff. I'm amassing a huge library of information via P2P. I am particularly interested in fringe information. I'd be willing to meet up sometime. I like to share. I'm trying to get a little more plugged into the local hack scene. Yea, 253.