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  1. I take your word , in future will be careful.
  2. Automated email sender with proxy support
  3. Extracting the juice ........ from Mr Ohm the genious , aint that easy unless he is pushed to his core . Thanks ... You finally confirmed me.
  4. Hell (lol) , Its Right here my Friend. Time will descide when our turn will come Thanks ph34kcod3er, you just answered him Besides, I want to advertise my proxy software that i just coded. As you guys know .... Proxies are in great demand. Moreover iam doing something fruitful for the Society. I know the answer of my question , but just wanted to confirm. Lol everything was answered except my question. Anyways no Problem . Ill switch to blackhat forum
  5. What i dont need proxies??? I dont want to reveal my ip address to the sender , obviously i need some proxy . Wtf you doing mate . Iam asking for emailing purposes , HTTP proxy would be better or Socks Proxy. If i send 1000's of mails that is called SPAMMING , To prevent that feature i need proxies
  6. Hello, I just got this new program that will send out 1000 of emails for me. What would be the best proxies to send out emails? HTTP or Socks 5 Proxies.
  7. I was Updating my Mysql Tables using PHPmyadmin, But due to some software corruption in the PHPmyadmin , One of my tables got corrupted. How can i scan/fix the corrupt table , How do i check the Integrity of my Mysql Tables. Is there a way to solve this problem?
  8. i believe , i need to throw this into the trash can
  9. Iam looking for an ebook on delphi that covers windows and web side programming , That can make me a good web programmer .
  10. I am having tough time opening this device , so iam posting some pics. Now there is a wire embedded inside the curved dongles , that links to the usb socket. Iam not sure if i should open before taking advice from binrev.
  11. Do you mean i should unscrew the mp3 player and show you its internal circuitry?
  12. OOPs!!! So how to go about it , i dont wanna go back to that vendor again! if we are able to solve this problem , well and good. Other wise this Trash is soon going to my Trash can!
  13. Friends i just baught a new USB cable and tried running it , But again same problem Definitely something's wrong with my MP3 player. Driver is not the issue , it was running well for a month before this problem came up , without any drivers installed! There's a kernel error that shows up on the screen , it's some sort of techinical error , a blue screen splashes giving some 0x800 error and it reboots. I had mailed the vendor about this problem three days back , but still haven't recieved any confirmation from them yet.
  14. When i baught this product , i was given just one usb squairish cable wire and one sport in mp3 player , with no CD/DVD installation nothing. I havent tried it with a new usb cable yet, But ill do it and let you guys know what is the outcome.
  15. I recently purchased one Sport In-Ear MP3 Player from http://usb.brando.com.hk/prod_detail.php?prod_id=00548. This product didnt give me any problem for a month , but during few days from today as im trying to charge the mp3 player by pluging in the usb cable into the usb port. My windows just reboots instantly , I tried it on my lappy some kernel error comes and that too is rebooted. Seriously can't make head nor/or tale about this problem. Below im outlining the features of this product Features: USB 2.0 Plug and play Support MP3/WMA/WAV music file Built by durable and flexible plastic Light in weight - 20g only In-ear earbuds design Built-in 1GB flash memory Built-in rechargeable lithium battery Sync and Recharged by USB port 8 hours continuous music playback per charge S/N Ratio: >=86db Frequency Response: 20hz ~ 20Khz Weight: 20g Support Windows 2000/XP/Vista Package Content: Sport In-Ear MP3 Player USB Data Charging Cable This worth me 22$ (I knew it, Cheap products are always dicy. But i had planned it for my sports regime.) So far i have tried to format the usb audio player (mp3 player as i call it) from fat 32 tontfs even to ext3 from backtrack. But things have come to no avail.The Result is the same! I had recieved this product without any installation cd/dvd . Just this product and usb cable for charging , as they dont provide one. what to do ?