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    my interrests are quite usual....<br /><br />hacking hacking and more hacking<br /><br />programming programmming and more programming..<br /><br />lolz<br /><br />well in a simple way i can tell you that im addicted to computers...
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    canada...breaking into a NASA server..

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  1. You are a complete failure. Get a real job, you filthy criminal.

  2. bro you shouldn't buy vista i mean there a million permenant crack's out there that will upgrade you to vista ultimate.. also i have a dell (don't know what kind) and it is a desktop it has a p4 running a 3.2ghz and 1 gb of ram with a 120gb hd and it is running vista ultimate faster then xp..(PM me if you want the crack)
  3. that is one fucked up room you have my friend lol i mean i share my room with my bro's and there alway's getting viruses on my comp can not wait to move out lol prob. will have a room like your's..
  4. problem solved: i managed to scan the hdd with spinrite and found a shitload of bad block's and sector's also it repaired but that didn't do nothing but i managed to boot off my hdd into windows deleted the linux partition mounted the unpartitioned space onto my xp partition and got 2 gb's og ram thank you all for your help it's been like 4 day's and it feel's good when you fix a problem lol
  5. fuck dude my uncle live's in vegas lucky bastard i bet he's getting drunk and laid every night lol to bad for me i used to live in california los angeles but i moved to quebec canada montreal to be exact lolz life suck's what can you say....
  6. i need your help...ok so here's the story: i have a emachine t5088 running windows xp pro and i wake up one day turn on my machine and i get this: everytime i turn it off and on i get it i even resetted the bios but nothing happened the hdd is not the problem cause i managed to boot with it on my other machine it's a dell ..anyway it's been 3 day's and i really don't know what to doevery time i ruin my machine i fix it but this time im like f***** screwed i really need some help!!! any suggestion's???
  7. i prefer dvd decrypter for ripping a dvd and ashampoo or nero for burning
  8. you could try burning them with a ashampoo burning studio (try getting off a torrent site)...lool i burned hitman and takedown on 2 different DVD'S and they work.....on most dvd's including my ps2..
  9. well my machine is up again manged to put the base xp system (screw the add-on's) and you have a point some distro's of linux (*nix) are pretty expensive for example redhat enterprise....i was gonna have a seizure + stroke when i saw the price....also the thing about *nix is that it is extremely versatile and run's really good on older machine's for example i have a dell l400 (around 8 years old) and it has 128mb of ram and a 10 gig hdd...i managed to dual-boot it with windows and linux debian..and believe it or not debian starts up faster then my desktop.... :mumble: ..maybe cause linux does everthing through the kernel not like windows..but i do like windows (nt and xp..screw the rest) and many flavor's of linux but from my experience of heart-throbbingg moment's with my machine im going to stick with *nix for a while.. (i don't wanna die because of microsoft) :cuss:
  10. search "website puller" on google you should get what your asking for...
  11. if i had the chance i swear i will piss on the chairman for toshiba or at least the lead excutive group for toshiba machine's... i go with dell for many reason's reason 1- my father bought a dell labtop the latitude L400 to be exact and i swear till this day it never crashed on me and i manged to dual-boot it with DEBIAN and XP and it's faster then any toshiba shit hole....and it only has 10 gig HDD (128 mb of ram) reason 2-dell isn't overpriced like lenove....i mean c'mon you can't find a thinkpad for under 600$ top's... reason 3-the warranty program !!PWN3D!!
  12. all right for the past 2 days i literately ate dog shit.... so here's the story.......i woke up it was 6 A.M.....i go and turn on my machine (Triple-Boot)...and i boot into windows xp and surprise.....surprise boot sector virus... after multiple time's of trying to recover i get all kind's of error's like... missing operating system hall.dll corrupted...and so on (you know the microsoft drill).. so i mange to boot into my newly installed OS leapord and guess what """"ERROR STARTING THE FUCKEN OS""""""") .......lucky i pop in my kill disk cd and nuke the fucken HDD and it's still formatting (US DoD erase method) so i plan on installing the base xp system and never to triple-boot again...... also the virus was like a worm+spyware+trojan kind of fucked up my machine so bad until at 1 point it got hijacked by some script kiddie..... :pissed: never trust windows stick to unix and linux and your guarenteed for a better life for your machine... :voteyes: well here's another thing.. why doe's windows (universal) suck and cost's mony while linux (UNIX) achieve's 1000x better preformance then windows and it's for free... ??????
  13. well after all that time i managed to burn leopard 0s x 10.5.1 patched to a dvd and then it actually booted... the thing is i have 4 machine's 2 desktop's and 2 laptop's 1 emachine's desktop and 3 dell machine's it only booted on my emachine comp (pc) just as i new...i manged to get a boot up-screen and it comes with a handy boot loader(darwin's boot-loader)....really good for multi-booting though i prefer grub..anyways it was just like using a MAC except it's on your pc...lloll.....if you guy's want a patched version of the dvd pm me...also the patched dvd partition's your hdd for it to work with os x....
  14. if you read the article's thoroughly you will reach a part were it say's that you donwload the leapord os x operating system and then you donwoad the patch and follow instruction's from then or if you read the second article i posted it say's that you can download a patched version of the OS burn the iso image to a dvd and then attempt to install it on your computer though there's a patch for AMD based machine's but so far the spec's iv'e read match my machine's so imma give it a shot gimme around till tommorow... note: my machine has a intel CPU and has a Intel 945G chipset it's supported...
  15. alright so i was surfing yesterday and i managed to encounter a hack that let's you put mac onto your pc here are the link's: 1- 2- im downloading the patched version of the mac os x leapord off a torrent site (i prefer and i will inform you guy's after i install it on to my pc... don't learn to hack.........hack to learn... note the second link is more n00b friendly... good luck and don't mess up your machine...