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  1. Am I the only person that never had ME bsod? I had an ME box for a solid 3 years, unfortunately, but it didn't give me too many problems. XP wins pretty hard, I keep it installed on this box, I'm currently posting this from my Debian install. I use both windows and linux on a regular basis. Vista can suck my cock. It is complete failsauce, I have nothing more to say about that. Both operating systems have their strengths and weaknesses, I keep both of them around for this reason. Just because you're "UBER FUCKING 1337" (read: fat and live in a basement) and Bill Gates is a n00b, (read: filthy rich, with a nicer basement than you) doesn't mean windows is a complete failure. If anything you should applaud MS for their powerful propaganda machine, they manage to move their products into many households, and they get people to pay for frequent upgrades. MS sells software like Hitler killed Jews, efficiently.
  2. My U3 drive has the switchblade on it, my other drive has about a gig of portable apps and misc. documents.
  3. We all know that sound is really just a bomb. I advise you send me your box and/or hard drive for a proper disposal. Things like that are dangerous in the wrong hands you know...
  4. a/s/l spaceout?

  5. Haha. Good luck explaining that one to Bubba in the shower. In the eyes of the law, "intellectual property" is as real as physical property. Just because it's silly doesn't mean it's not real.
  6. Social engineering is always a good way to gain access to documents you wouldn't normally get to see. You could in theory do the printing trick with the switchblade to gain access to some pretty high profile networks. Another thing you can do with the switchblade is use it for personal documents and use it everywhere you access your documents. A suite of portable applications is also something nice to have on a USB switchblade. It gives you an opportunity to do seemingly legitimate actions such as checking your email on the go, which any decent SE could do on just about any office building computer. Dress clothes or a suit will go a long way. They build trust and authority, this means people are more likely to let you use their computer real quick to fire up Thunderbird to see if you have that oh so important email yet. A tool is only as good as the person using it.
  7. The USB switchblade is an effective method for stealing stored passwords, product keys, etc., but thats about all it steals. If you're looking for more valuable information, such as bookkeeping software backups, credit card numbers, sensitive documents, and other misc. goodies you'll need to do more than just plug-n-pwn. The switchblade has an option to silently install a VNC server, which you can connect to from home at your leisure and browse the computer for that kind of thing. I do not encourage nor do I condone malicious actions of this type, mind you, but the switchblade is a versatile tool, a gift that keeps on giving of sorts.
  8. Yes, it's still illegal and still pirating. As dicked up as that is, that's how the system works. Even knowing that in your situation I'd pirate the stuff anyway. If you had insurance it should pay for the goods lost in the fire, I know I lied my ass off to get some snazzy new stuff with insurance money after losing two buildings to a fire.
  9. Try running alsaconf I've had ALSA get fucked before and lost sound in flash videos. After running alsaconf everything was fine and dandy, so it might be worth a shot.
  10. Add a line to start nautilus when fluxbox starts up by typing "gedit ~/.fluxbox/startup" in the terminal, then adding "nautilus --no-desktop &" without the quotes to your startup file. Hope that helps. EDIT: fucking drunk post...
  11. If I want data not to lost I first defragmented four or three times. Then I inserted PartitionMagic bootable CD into the drive and restarting the computer. PartitionMagic makes the work easy so even people not as good with the computer can done it. Hopefully it works but if it causes the data to become lost then the data should be on a backup device.
  12. I use only separate Ethernet from Wireless LAN and use them together to make my LAN more secure. If some people try to hack my Wireless I just change the password so to make him try harder. I change Wireless password so his security is better and so Wireless hacker gives up and hacks other Wireless instead. I more worried about the NSA hack my internet both Ethernet and Wireless for to make secure.
  13. My LAN is Ethernets and Wireless. Windows XP run my computer before but now Debian run my computer. Filtering MAC with LAN settings on my XP because Debian is harder but works pretty good so far with a small LAN with only one Wireless and some Ethernets to access neighbor's internet so I can have a shared LAN with neighbors. Security is no two good but is not worried. I help if you have more question about LAN with Ethernets. MIRRORSHADES and IRONGEEK probably help more because they know about LAN better but I try.
  14. I can imagine that it is hard to find old ram, that is going to suck. I'm waiting on a reply back from craigslist in the next day or two. I'm second in line on an Amiga 500 that came up today. The poster said he thinks the first guy will flake out, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed. I'll hook you up with shells on the computers when I get the lab up, I'm sure you'd have some fun.
  15. I would recommend an optima deep cycle and a high output alternator. Just google dual battery setups and you should be able to find plenty of information and figure out exactly what you need for your specific situation. Sorry to threadjack, but here goes. To run a computer that boots up quickly you will either want to run windows with s3 suspend or a slim linux distro. To power the box your best bet is to get a DC-DC power supply to replace your standard power supply, they are meant for running from a 12V car battery. There are carPC frontends for both linux and windows, you can find more information at as mentioned before. There are more options if you run windows, and your box will start back up from s3 suspend faster than most linux distros, and will start up with more processes running. Best of luck to both of you, is a great resource for all of this kind of stuff and I would recommend both of you go browse their forums.