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  1. the eepc 901 works wonderfully on backtrack.
  2. Simple SQL injection on a branch of my schools site giving me administrative access to all the teachers in my school district. I think it was called Blackbroed? i was 14 at the time .
  3. Ive always wondered why my one of my naigbours has a HUGE satellite dish (not the ones for tv) in his backyard. How accurate and old is this? Ive always wanted to see what's being brodcasted? Don't they use some kind of encryption, if so how vonurble is it? If someone has further documentations on this topic feel free to pm me. I'll be sure to try this when I get home and I'll post back with some feedback
  4. I have a question, lets say I have two Internet(each with diffrent ip & ISPs) connections each having bandwith of 1Mb\s down. Can I could combine the two connections and get 2Mb\s downspeed?