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  1. BTW... I'd REALLY love to get into the program code, and maybe tweak it for some of the PC games that I own. But, since this sort of thing Isn't telco related, It's more of a weak are as far as my personal knowlege goes. So, would I use a hex dump or hex edit program of some type. It needs to be a freeware download, otherwise, I ain't touchin' it d00d. It might be kinda interesting to try a small touch of hacking rather than phreaking for a change. So, if anyone can just point me in the right direction as far as a URL here goes, then all I can say is muchos gracias mi amigoo. (...Poor favor). Peace.
  2. For some time now, I've thought ABout writing a text phile dedicated to the topic of alternate power sources. My question to all of you is, would this make for a g00d topic to write a phile on, or does that topic kinda suck a**? Just figured I'd get some feedback from all of you on that. And, on another note. I think I know the answer on this, but does anyone here live in a VERY rural area like the state of Idaho? I think there may be at least some parts (if not multiple parts) in that state that still friggin' use a step by step switch at the CO. Not even electromechanical crossbar switching or anything! But, of course, It's older technology like crossbar and other stuff that seems more phreekable anywayz. So, if what I heard is true ABout that area... well, who knows? Maybe blue boxing and black boxing may still have a chance of working out there.And, I've wondered if Bell South country still has some CO switches a bit behind digital switches like 5ESS, DMS-100, and what not. Just wanted to bring this up for anyone considering trying to blue box within the US. Hmm... gotta wonder when it comes to places like Wyoming, Montana, Hawaii and Alaska as well. Take care all! Peace-0rz!
  3. Sorry fur posting shtuff that was already posted as far as the toll free national directory assistance shtuff goes. Hola, mi amigo, senor P! Como esta? DefiniteLy good 2 b back, dawg! As for G mail, yeah yeah, I know, I know. My dawg Veric0n already hooked me up wit dat. (Umm... I think anyway. Haven't heard a user name or password on that one, though). But, I did find a place to download free white list software to work in conjunction with web mail. It's on - And frankly, I just really prefer white listing shtuff over Gmail, or any other spam filter shiz-nit no matter how good it may be. Just my personal preferance. It's just a shame no free web based Email providers seem to want to include white list filtering as part of the service. Hmmm... actually, as I think on it, I'll bet even on "premium" web mail service you'd be a little hard pressed to get white list filtering included. What I like so much about WL filtering is that It's about as complete a spam eliminator as has been developed so far. (At least, AFAIK, anyway). I REALLY only want to receive mail from the people I choose, and ABsolutely NOBODY else. Good thing I'm not some kinda control phr33k, huh? Anywayz, I guess at this point, I'll just shtick with non WL filtering. If spam gets to be too much to handle (again), I may look into getting some WL warez. For now, pizza 0ut! *MUNCH!*
  4. Here I am, the one that you know, asking for another day. Understand the one that you know... umm... what's the next part... erm... WHITE PLASTIC! Yeah, that's the ticket! Heh, heh. Wuz up, my ph311ovv pHr33k-4-z0iDz? At last, after enduring moths of no Internet access, I made it back again! Here's sum shtuff fo ya' 2 play wit... 866-341-9911, 9912, and 9913... (perhaps maybe otherz in that 99xx range) get ya' directory assistance. No, not toll free directory assistance like as in 800-555-1212. I mean directory assistance like as in national 411. Umm... at least I think it covers the nation. Found it about a week agoo. Hopefully, I'm remebering da number right on that. If not, I hooked up 2 otherz with this same info. Care to guess who one of those people are? If I got the numbers wrong on this, I gave the green light to my homey to drop it on the P&G site. By Halloween (my ABsolute fave time of year), I expect to be back out visiting someone in the mid-west again. On other topics, does anyone know of any free white list Email service providers? Since I've been inactive in cyberspace for so long, my old Email account was shut down due to prolonged inactivity. But, I was gonna look for a new place to call home via Email anywayz. And, since I friggin' HATE on spam in all forms like U wouldn't believe, I'd REALLY like to go with white list filtering this time 'round. I feel that It's probably about the only hope of truly getting a handle on spam. Even if anyone knows an URL where I could surf on over to for downloading a free white list filter that could be added on to my web based Email account (assuming it wouldn't only work an installed Email client like Outlook, or some craptacular installed Email client). If anyone knows anything, let me know. Sure wish some telco had white list phone number blocking, too. That'd be pretty damn suh-vv337! Who'd need the national "do not call list" if some ILEC or even CLEC telco offered that optional service? Meantime, if anyone needs to get a hold of me, my hackermail account is still active. ( I've also started considering setting up a free mail acount via BTW, finally gots me a MUCH better PC over this past summer. I was friggin' running a Pentium II MMX, 266Mhz with 224MB ram, 4GB hard drive, Winblows 98, and a old a$$ 640x480 VGA monitor before. It's still not top of the line or nothin', but at least now I'm running on a Celeron 2.66 Ghz with 256MB ram, 80GB hard drive, Win XP home edition service pack 2, DVD R/RW drive, and a monitor with 1280x1024 max screen rez. (Which I'm alwayz runnin' in). Good to FINALLY have better equipment to work with. Funny thing though, by now, I managed to get more ram from someone for my old PC, so now, my old p2 MMX has 512MB! Well, at least both PCs have 2 CD drives I put in 'em. the 2nd in this one is a 40x CD drive with no burning capability. Oddly enough, I even found a good perfectly working monitor I trashed picked shortly after getting this PC. It has a larger screen, and more screen rez that that old VGA moniotr as well. So now, I have that one connected to the old PC. Oh, yeah, and both PCs have internet keyboards and scroll wheel mice. Now, if only I had a Cat5 crossover cable, or serial cable, or somethin', I could retrieve what left over files are on the old PC, and bring 'em over to here. But, I've been re-downloading a LOT of the old shiz-nit, too. Well, there ya' have it. An update on all that is my.. umm.. *COUGH* "life" lately. Now, if I could just think of something new and worthwhile to finally write a new text file about, I'll be g00d 2 g00. For now, peace out amig00s!
  5. Yeah. I'd bet diamonds to donuts he meant Tron. Seems people hate on that guy A LOT. (Not too surprisingly from I've heard about him). I remember "hearing" (not that he was talking much) on the PLA bridge on night. I know "roy" was some guy PLA used to hate because he was such a jag off. Maybe now the new "Roy" has become tr0n, I'll bet. P.S... CACTUS!!
  6. Erm... I think it was, like, 567. Certainly, I know it was a pay phone in Center City (Amtrak 30th St. Station, to be exact). Hopefully, I got it right, man. Otherwise, then my bad on that one. Pizza... err, I mean peace.
  7. Standard Verizon fortress phone in dat dirt-tay 215/267 area code. Just to mention for clarafication though, for that pay phone, and all pay phones (to my knowledge) use the original 215 area code, not the assigned overlay. P.S. Clara Fication and I are no longer goin' out together. She dumped my evil, 666-ish, white plasticy self some time back. But hey, there's always more sharks... err, I mean fish in da river, or somethin' like dat. Heh, heh. Spock sez: Live long, and phre4x0r!
  8. Hey, Majestic! Whut up, homes? Yeah, been struggling just to mantain a presence out here on-line, what with my on again/off again net access, compadre. Also, I just can't decide what I can contribute next to the phreak community. I mean, let me put it this way. Anyone can write a text file. Writing a TRULY good text file that people find kewl and useful is another matter altogether (of course). And, hopefully I'm wrong, but something teels me I may not be able to write a file that surpasses my best one. Which, I think most people think is my EAS (Expanded Announcement System) file. I just had some pretty good topic material to work with there. I mean, writing a file that's somehow kinda groundbreaking, or helps to more or less change the rules of the telephony game is what I most would like to write about again. But, so far, such a topic escapes me. Well, meanwhile I'll keep thinking on it though. Anywayz, thanx fo' da 4-1-1 about that shtuff on "One Night in Bangkok", Strom. My self just got skooled. Now, I is edu-ma-cated. (Or, perhaps a reasonable facsimile?) Heh, heh. And, Kelptic, just 2 let ya' know that I can find no good reason to doubt what you said here. So, don't sweat it mi amigo. It's all goo. Err, I mean good. GOD! Why do I keep screwing up by calling "good" the word "goo". I tell ya', it just boggles the mind, doesn't it? MWA HA HA HA! BTW, today's post was brought to you by the letter 666, and by the number Catch ya' on da flip side, flap-jack! Peace. P.S. Currently contemplating sending a pic of myself that a few, select, good trustworthy phriendz. (At least I think theres at least one or 2 stored on here). Umm... fair warning though, these are... umm... shall we say pix of the Captain like ya' never seen him before. NO, NO, I'm not in the nude or anything... It's just... Ahh, nevermind. Furget it. Anywayz, any thoughts on all this, anyone?
  9. Since I got too tired last night, I forgot to finish what I was saying in my post... Now, what I described with 811 and 311 is the case out of my CO, yet in Center City, 811 waits for 7 more digits to be dialed, after which you eventually get a live Verizon op. I think it was the same with 511. Yet with 511 out of my CO, it gives ANI read back via DTMF tones. The point I'm trying to re-assert is that whether it be COs, AT&T call centers, whatever, they can be configured a bit different from one to the next, even when It's of the same thing and in the same town or regional area. Only through experimentation via the phones connected to each CO, Call center, etc. do you figure things out, and learn what's different. The thing I STILL (Still meaning about maybe nearly 2 years) haven't figured out about the adjacent CO down the way from me is the whole thing about how the payphones seem to recgnize dialing #, followed by anyhting between 120 and 149. I mean, nothing happens, but the telco error message you get routed to is a basis for curiosity on this one. (Starts out like any regular telco error message, then goes on to say "Please check your instruction manual, or call the business office for assistance. Thank you").
  10. Hmm... I can only assume the recording artist must have some kind of chess fetish, or somethin'. Heh, heh. Well, also in the song itself, the topic of chess is mentioned more than once. Apparently, Bangkok is big on chess playing. My question is, what's so wrong with Pac-Man, Space Invaders, Asteroids, Pokemon, or even trading card games like Yu Gi Oh, Magic the Gathering, or even the classic pen and paper game that was the forerunner of all RPG games, Dungeons & Dragons. (Be it Advanced D&D, or any other version). Then again, they could've just simply played checkers. (Which I like better myself). umm... okee doke 'nuff said. Peace out.
  11. Ummm... what in the name of Eric Corley am I doing burried so deep in a thread like this? Heh, heh. Anywayz, just a little reminder about something, when op-diverting with AT&T (Whether through 10 10 288 0 or 10 10 732 0) it will always forward your call to AT&T's nearest call center, or whatever in the F they call it. So, depending on where you call from, maybe different AT&T call centers are configured differently. Certainly stands to reason considering different COs back in my town are different from one to the next. For instance, out of my CO, 811+last 4 digits= ringback (Same as 959+ last 4) And, 311 works just like 958+ any 4 (Local ANAC). Speakin' of ANACs, here j00 goo... 866-MY ANI IS. (At least last I checked that one still worked). Now ain't I just the friggin' damn sweet guy or what? Hmm... On second thought, don't answer that. Heh, heh. Peace out.
  12. Oh, BTW... Hopefully I'll win myself 200 bucks by entering a t-shirt design contest out here in cyberspace. If you wanna try out for dat, get yo' self on over to - Other kewl kick-butt t shirt sites include, and (Formerly Oh yeah, and I've also decided to try changing up my appearance by dying my hair blond. Yeah, yeah, I realize none of this shiz-nit has anything to do with phreax0ring, but I think It's kewl just to shoot the breeze about something different for a change. Peace out, my homeys!
  13. Errm, not to my knowledge, amigo. But maybe you know something I don't? I don't know. Cryptic message of the day - "Alternate handle, The Wet Rabbit" Bulk-a-mania is REALLY runnin' wild now, blubber! So, eat lots of food, bulk up, and explode blubber! And whatcha gonna do when you take up a state or two?! BTW, nice to know I'm not the only here that remembers the sounds of the 80's. As I recall, even the music video showed them playing a bit of chess in it. But, I mainly paraphrased from that for the 666-ish comment, "I can feel the devil walkin' next to me". I'm just kinda partial to dark, moody stuff like dat. It appeals to another side of me.
  14. Back once again is THEE most magnificent, marvelous master of malevolent mayhem. The might, mighty MacDaddy himself. The one and only, the only one, the best thing under the sun. The man of the hour, the tower of power, too damn sweet to ever be sour... the phone system franchise... Captain B! My vacation here in Dallas, TX ends this Friday (Jun 4th), and I'll leave behind my VERY good friend and partner in crime, Mr. Poop, and return to my stinkin' excuse for a town (as well as my sorry, miserable excuse for a life). But, in life, ABsolutely nothing is forever, and probably most all good things have to come to an end sooner or later. (At least it seems that way on average). In closing to paraphrase the classic 80's song "one night in Bangkok). " night in Philly, and the tough guys tumble. Can't be too careful with your company. I can feel the devil walkin' next to me". BTW, if either ic0n or Kleptic are reading this, let me just say wuz up d00dz! Peace out.
  15. Now, I figure Hilfiger will never figure. Don't ask me how I figure, go figure. Do you figure Hilfiger will figure, or do you figure Hilfiger won't figure? What do you figure? But, even if Hilfiger figures, I figure he'll figure I already figured he'd figure. P.S. Just making another quick stop in here on Binrev to let all mi amigos know that unfortunately, I'm without net access from home, and this time there's no telling when or if I'll get it back. *RRGh* *SNARL*. Anywayz, so how's all my homeys on here doin'? How 'bout j00 Veric0n, my dawg? Well, here's hoping I can somehow resolve this net acces issue, and sorry to waste space on da board here talking about so much boring, non-phreak related shtuff-0rz. Well, take care my phe110w pHr33k-4-z0idZ! peace out!