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  1. i stared reading through a few of these and it convinced me to register and post my story. i was playing a game online and one of my clan members there asked me to hack this game he was playing called Mythwar online . caus he knew i knew alot about computers . so i tried and by 10% skillz and 99% luck i abused a bug in their system to prevent item duplication . i bought 1 item , duplicated it 9999999 times and sold it to vendors . then i started giving free money away to ppl and spammed general chat that i was doing that it was sooooo much fun , you wouldn't believe the amount of ppl that came begging . seriously ... you couldn't xD . the server was totally lagging on the map were i was just because everybody wanted my money. then first i got pulled aside by a gm . but i didnt know that so i started giving her free money ( like 100mil every 4 sec . and 500 mil will get you the best item in the game ) so i also totally screwed the economy over . it was fun to see how prices rose so fast . it wasnt just a computer lesson for me but also a lesson in economy and supply and demand. anyways ( this story lacks chronological elements ) that was my first hack and it got me addicted :lol: