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  1. That freebie game called "Combat Arms" comes up the same way. Just your typical search engine whoring I guess.
  2. I never download torrents or whatever. But every freakin time I visit playlist.com, pandora.com and last.fm all pages come up as missing. Then after I get denied its like I get a 10 second penalty. Generally getting pissed. Is this happening to anyone else?
  3. The title is pretty self explanatory. I'm tying to do it, but the process is F'n more ridiculous than it should be. Xbox Linux Wiki This website (to summarize) says you need to load a fake saved game onto like a usb stick. Second load up a special verision of MechAssault, which is long gone by now. After that, load the saved game and begins to boot into linux and blah blah blah blah blah. The old xbox is just a mini computer, with IDE hard drives. I'm trying to just load a hard drive up in my computer, and bootload a OS to it. Has any modded an xbox to linux.
  4. If I find time, I'll see what I can help with. This sounds like a neat concept!
  5. Well I can tell you all about Windows Server 08. You would need to install it with a file services role, and it is about as simple as that. But unfortunately you have to sell a kidney to purchase anything Microsoft. Fuck you Microsoft.
  6. Oh god, its like music. It's like beautiful music to my ears. I need to get in on this.
  7. Haha I ask this question alllll the time to other people. I can never remember where its at. Do a search on Kismet.conf or something case sensitive to that nature.
  8. Well, we can at least try! 1. We information gather. We lump all the information everyone has collected togethor. Learn as much as we can. 2. Image a hard drive and isolate the virus. 3. Decode the virus and pick it apart. Apparently it connected to a server for its instructions. Add to the mission plan. Anything can be done with a series of little steps.
  9. Oh wow. I should have known this. You guys are really remarkable sometimes. I have to goto work now, I'll have to try this in the evening. This is what I'm trying to pull off if you guys are interested. Shut down your PC via SMS
  10. I have a little 2 line script. I am running Ubuntu. I want to just double click it and run it (like a batch file). When I do double click it, it is opened in the text editor? Can someone remedy this?
  11. I'll try and contact hak5
  12. Haha well help me find the modded LPinstaller and we can!
  13. I'm interested in learning this also. I believe you guys above me are correct, but is there a way we can put this through a more thorough analysis? My suggestion is to turn on old wireshark and analyze what packets are being sent. Or is there an easier way? I would execute this experiment right now, but I get to attend a asinine corporate meeting tomorrow morning.
  14. "The goal of the USB Switchblade is to silently recover information from a target Windows 2000 or higher computer, including password hashes, LSA secrets, IP information, etc... Several methods for silent activation exist including the original MaxDamage technique of using a special autorun loader on the virtual CD-ROM partition of a U3 compatible USB key, and the original Amish technique of using social engineering to trick a user into running the autorun when choosing "Open folder to display files" upon insertion." -The Hak5 website. I'm trying to find the modded LPinstaller.exe that installs the custom iso image to the seperate USB partition. Has anyone seen this file floating on the Internet? Or better yet a full tutorial page with files? I browse the Hak5 wiki pages but they seem to be removed or something? Thanks for any help. Has anyone tried with? Has anyone had any success with it?
  15. There is one out there called "lkl", although I've never tried it.