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  1. I don't know that I'd ever need this sort of feature during a conversation, however it might be nice for separating portions of a single log from a long conversation that covered multiple topics(which I imagine the feature is there I just don't need it).
  2. Because he said he was a newbie, and Fedora is a nice blend of both desktop and server environment. I figured that would be an easier place to start.
  3. Not to sound like another fanboy, but Ubuntu really is a good place to start with linux. OpenSuSE is also a good starter OS, I personally have nothing against it, I simply use ubuntu because I'm used to it. It has an easy install, and a good set of repositories(looked up the medibuntu repository for codecs). If you think running your own server may be of future interest then I'd say give a look into Fedora.
  4. It is against the TOS for some, because they want to force you to get a "business" service which means more $$$ for the ISP. Currently I'm using While yes there are less expensive ways to go about this they have more space then I need, lots of features, and they handle the domains for me. I've never had down time with them, and I highly recommend them.
  5. why rerun the whole thing? Tape the new cable to the end of the old and have someone on the other side make sure the two don't separate, just pull out the original. I do it with speaker cable often enough, should work.
  6. Call your isp.
  7. Good point. Ask around for someone who might have an old non-functioning modem. Its possible they don't keep in their database why a customer changed to a new modem, if that is the case you can call, and tell them the modem works after all and you want to use it, or that person X gave it to you for your own service.
  8. Could use clone the mac of a valid modem and give them that serial?
  9. Do they actually ask you what type of modem you are using? The providers here don't ask for the serial unless the modem was delivered from them. If you tell them you have a 3rd party modem, they simply explain they can't warranty it and then ask for the MAC for activation.
  10. I haven't used vmware, but I know virtualbox supports snapshots. I'd imagine vmware does too. This would be the easiest thing for roll backs.
  11. That modem has a four port hub already built into it.
  12. That article talks about intercepting cordless phone conversations. From what I gather all you really need is a police scanner.
  13. Found an article on it for your reading enjoyment:
  14. I'm not sure how, but if you were able to modify it there is a version of the zlob trojan that does change the dns info inside the router. Since most people just open the box and plug it in they don't change the authentication info, so this newer variant uses the common login/pass combos to get into the router and change the dns to a malware dns server.
  15. Most consumer routers have a "remote management" option in the menus somewhere. This option normally allows entering the router through a browser by default on port 8080. As far as I know consumer routers don't support telneting, but I think dd-wrt might. Try enabling that feature and see if you can telnet into the router then.