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  1. http://infinityexists.com/videos/ There is a cool tutorial on there that demostrates how to get Admin, or Root access from a remote computer.
  2. i Agree, they are practicaly invicible, not mention great proformance. i have one myself and love it
  3. awesome, looks neat
  4. i think you may be reffering to a site ripper? one that downloads the website in totality. i read an article where hackers made a false Carmax site by ripping the original. they ended up stealing 8grand from a lady. idk though you may be reffering to something else all together. i used to use them back in the day for ripping all the media files contained in a website. forget which ones i used though. it was back in my CS days.
  5. Buddie of mine showed me a site where you can read a plethora of Ebooks. all subjects. i personaly have been using it to study network security and the Perl programming lang. scribd i sure many people here can utilize this resource as i have. just thought i would share. beats bogus sites that one may encouter through google searches
  6. vmware, if you want virtual machines. im sure there are more. im just familiar with vmware. routers and cell phones would probably be emulators
  7. hey, hows it going?
  8. they are setting up an environment; then choosing a target host. in this case it is a computer on his/her own network. windows is pretty insecure which means it has many vulnerabilities. the many exploits that are in the Metasploit frame work are known to take advantage of these vulnerablities and give you root access to the host. proxies are used to hide your IP from the victim. there are also some exploits in the metasploit framework that can target linux systems. i would recommend trying this on a computer on your own network, if its your first time messing around. follow it step by step.
  9. IronGeek is affiliated to binrev. i think anyway. i stumbled onto irongeek and found my self here. i feel at home in such a friendly community. glad this is here. i will be sticking around for a while. Thanks for the Forum
  10. packets with ethereal http://www.wireshark.org/news/20060714.html
  11. little something i found when looking into Metasploit. might be fun for someone here. http://www.datastronghold.com/security-art...s-tutorial.html
  12. heh, sounds pretty tedious and uncertain. although the benifit of having an exact location of an IP address might be worth it.