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  1. Give us some specs to work with also to make sure you didn't buy stuff that's not compatible (hey, it happens ) But definitely first step I do when I work on computers is to remove them from the case completely, and start with a bare minimum system to get it to turn on and enter the BIOS through. After that step is complete I add on parts one by one like 'droops' pointed out earlier and work from there.
  2. wow that is a lot of cable.. lot of good picture threads in that forum
  3. that's interesting, I've heard about software doing this for years, but I've never actually tried that. cool
  4. Now, call me old fashioned but I really hate cell phones. They cost more than a landline (you pay by the minute for local calls!), offer horrible reception, aren't available for use in all areas, the phone itself becomes outdated once a year, students leave them on during class and disrupt the lecture, and people driving while on the phone cause accidents every day. Slashdot quoted a figure that stated 90% of college students own a cell phone. I will be part of the 10% who do not. I do not see a real _need_ for anyone but a doctor to have one. In college I plan to have one landline pointed at my PBX. Press 1 to ring the phone, 2 for voicemail, 3 to hear where I am, etc... Why do I need to be reachable at any moment in time? I can't study, eat lunch, or go for a walk in peace? Thoughts, anyone? my cell phone has great reception 95% of the areas I'm in. i dont have to worry about it in my area i've had my cell phone for 2 years now... i dont plan on upgrading for another year or so. i put mine on silent. I can't live without a cell phone. my life is always about keeping in constant communication with the people I socialize and work with. If I'm not talking on my phone, I'm instant messaging or I'm speaking to someone in real life. Without a ways of communicating on the go, my life would come to a halt. I dont have a landline phone. why pay 30 a month for a phone I don't use? not to mention long distance charges on it!? My cell phone I pay 43/month, get all the minutes I need to talk during the day, night, and weekend, free long distance and no roaming charges. Why do I need a landline??
  5. That is awesome!! I am originally from Plainville and I plan to hit up a meeting or two in the 2-3 weeks I'm back in town from college
  6. I like using DVD Decrypter (instead of DVDShrink) and then using AutoGordian Knot (along with AutoGK Assistant) to rip and encode the files into xvid format (2 CD's, 1400MB, 128-bit mp3)