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  1. hi everyone. my name is Nexigen. I am a 16 year old NEWB NEWB NEWB hacker,, ( if i am even allowed to call me a hacker xD ). i love website hacking and hash cracking. ( those are the only real things i can do ). i'm known with SQL injections, Deface, XSS, cookiestealers, fake apps, and more stuff. further i know basics and adepts of the following Scripting and Programming languages : HTML, CSS, PERL, PHP, VBS, JAVAscript. see ?? i'm a real newb. oh, im DUTCH so i apologise for my bad english grammar. i hope i can learn and expand my mere knowledge over here ^^. if you have any questions, feel damn free to ask them i luv them. Take Care, Nexigen
  2. Hi there, i'm dutch, so i apologize for my (probably) bad grammar. My first 'Hack' was for about a year ago, ( i am 16 ). I did a SQL injection on . i barely knew how to do a SQL injection, but it worked . i started with (id)+1=1--. after that i injected (id)+1=0- it told me that i used a SQL code that didnt exist. ^^ after that i started to inject with 'ORDER BY'. I had to guess how much tables and collums the side had. ( 117226 tables ). it took me half an hour. next time i will write something in Perl or AS to check that for me >.< after i knew the amount of tables, i started injecting with 'UNION ALL SELECT'. after that i dont know what i did, or what happened, but the output gave me A HELL LOT of hashes and emails. Most of them were MD5 hashes WITHOUD any salts so i managed to crack lots of them with passwordspro. lots of gmail, hotmail, and even PAYPAL accounts were cracked . i still have a screenshot of a cracked paypal account somewhere, i shall look for it. cyaz. Nexigen