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  1. How about.. Windows? That's the type of person it's perfect for. Lock it down before hand, force them to use Firefox and take away all access to IE and OE.
  2. Yeah, it's called anonymous login, which is fairly common with public and private FTP servers. Usually the account is very locked down. So, yeah, don't blow your load quite yet.
  3. I currently work in my spare time at ITT. They are accredited. There was some controversy about an FBI investigation a few months back, but they have not lost accreditation, nor should anyone be worried that they will anytime soon. My personally opinion of ITT is pretty lackluster. With the correct instructor and class, you can learn a good bit and feel more prepared in an eventual position. But if you get in the wrong class, with the wrong people, be prepared to sit around bored while everyone else attempts, vainly, to catch up to you.
  4. www.libranet.com It's Debian with a nice installer and adminmenu for some common tasks and setup.
  5. * V3.4-2004-05-03 (experimental) - switched from syslinux to isolinux (no emulation) boot method - Kernel 2.4.26 (default) and Kernel 2.6.5 (as boot option) with ACPI enabled (use knoppix acpi=off in case of problems, knoppix26 to try Kernel 2.6) - New wireless drivers for: ipw2100 ("Centrino"), madwifi, hostap - captive-ntfs installer - live-installer by Fabian Franz - KDE 3.2.2 - kdevelop3 - OpenOffice 1.1.1 (german and english) - gimp 2.0 - Had to remove the entire latex system (101MB) because of space reasons - Removed KOffice for the same reason - /dev/modem setup tool supporting serial, USB, bluetooth and irda devices - gprs connection tool - lots of improvements in the hardware detection and new boot options, please check knoppix-cheatcodes.txt. http://www.knoppix.com/ http://torrent.unix-ag.uni-kl.de:6969/ torrent files Now I can use Knoppix + 2.6 without learning german! I still think I'll prefer Knoppix-STD, Gnoppix and Slax though. I prefer something I can load totally into ram and Knoppix is too large
  6. I wouldn't mind seeing the VB code for that actually. I've been struggling for the time to look into VB networking for a few work things
  7. You could put grub on the USB drive and clear the MBR on your harddisk. In the case of using windows, set only the USB drive to be bootable in BIOS, then password protect your BIOS setup
  8. I've been considering installing Slack 9.1. I've been running Slax for my LiveCD at work for a while now, just for web browsing, etc. Not sure if I'll replace Debian on my main machine though.
  9. 2.4.25 2.4.26 2.6.5 2.6.4 2.6.x isn't working well with my ATI though
  10. Sorry about that. Ettercap is a tool used for man in the middle attacks. Basically you're routing a hosts traffic through you and on to their normal gateway. Doing this allows you to forge SSL certificates that things like MS Passport uses for security. What I mean by everything is URL - Username - Password. I've been playing around with the certificate generator and have found that some won't even prompt the user to OK the bogus certificate, but it only works with Passport logins. I figured alot more people knew about ettercap, might have to write an intro similar to the hping2 one. [edit: Ettercap is on Knoppix-STD as well as normal Knoppix if I recall. It's a pretty common program. There's even a win32 version]
  11. Multiple kernels is a nice idea, also having actual accelerated video drivers included would be nice(distros very rarely do this. Licencing problem) I'd like to see more distros including the X from freedesktop.org. Gnoppix does it, but that's all I've seen thus far. I'd like to see some really good setup programs. Someone replace the CUPS network printer config with something new. A good firewall setup(just saw dual&blands slack security doc). Basically there should be config apps for everything. Yeah alot of Linux users don't like that, but if someones just going to package up debian testing and say it's their distro, I'd like to see some work that might actually save me some time
  12. Hotmail has one problem, it uses MS Passport. If you're on a switched network and want to check your email DON'T DO IT. At work, I have audit days where I watch the traffic almost all day and I can't tell you how many times I see Passport going through. All you need is ettercap and bam, you have everything.
  13. The site is shut down.
  14. Same price as yours, 200$ It's a refurb, but under warranty ;o Oh and I reread your post, dude I feel for you. I used a G40 for 4-5 years! It was the most horrible monitor I've ever seen in my life.
  15. I'm getting two of these bad boys http://www.directdial.com/ca/shopviewsonic...d.asp?item=P225 some specs Designed with Shadow mask technology, the P225 does not have the damper wires often visible on aperture grille models, making this display perfect for high end CAD and Graphic design. • and easy to use OnView® controls. • Other features include a built in USB hub for easy connections with other USB compatible peripherals. • This big and beautiful 21" (20.0" viewable) screen comes with razor sharp resolution of 2,048 x 1,536, the highest in the industry, 350MHz and a SuperClear® screen to give you sharp focus and crisp images. 2048 x 1536 @ 79Hz 1920 x 1440 @ 84Hz 1600 x 1200 @ 99Hz 1280 x 1024 @ 115Hz CRT Size 22" (20" diagonal viewable area) 90° deflection Dot Pitch 0.24mm aperture grille uni pitch Maximum Resolution 2048 x 1536 Glass Surface Tint (TM=39.8%), ARAG® screen treatment -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- INPUT SIGNAL Video RGB analog (0.7Vp-p, 75 ohms) Sync H/V separate (TTL), composite, sync-on-green Frequency Fh:30-127kHz, Fv:50-180Hz -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- COMPATIBILITY PC PC compatible (from VGA up to 2048 x 1536) Mac® Power Mac™ /G3 from 640 x 480 up to 1920 x 1440 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- CONNECTOR Signal 15-pin mini D-sub, BNC x 5 [RGBHV] Power 3-pin plug (IEC320) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- POWER Voltage AC 90-260 VAC, 50-60(+/-2)Hz Consumption 130W (typ) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- USER CONTROLS Basic Power, 1, down, up, 2 OnView® Contrast, brightness, H/V-position, H/V-size, pincushion, pin-balance, trapezoid, degauss, parallelogram, rotation (tilt), input select, hooking, linearity center, linearity edge, input level select, moiré, ViewMatch® color, H/V focus, H/V convergence, corner purity, H/V OSD position, ViewMeter®, language select, zoom, data recall -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- VIDEO INPUT Bandwidth 350MHz (typ) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- DIMENSIONS Physical 504mm (W) x 477mm (H) x 501mm (D) 19.8" (W) x 19.7" (H) x 18.8" (D) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- WEIGHT Net 31.0Kg (68.2 lbs.)