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  1. Considering the amount of time many people put into their characters, I fully support "killing" their character if your a spurned lover... Its better then real murder, and it can be quite painful. I also hate maplestory, so wouldnt it have been better for her to just say "He spends his days playing maplestory... isnt that punishment enough?" Perhaps cases like this will teach us all a lesson. Dating online and in games can hurt people just as much as in real life, and a virtual marrage can be just as painful to suddenly walk out on. One should seak a sense of fairness and equality in the seperation, that both parties have reached all that they can properly achieve, and they should part ways peacefully and hopefully remain friends, even if they never speak to each other. Or at least dont password share... If the guy truely valued his character, he wouldnt make it so damn easy for her to get her hands on it. I may be wrong, but doesnt maplestory have a big fancy system to stop people? I doubt she brute forced it or that like. Thats the real lesson here, dont password/account share. //#Edit1: Fixed something small, refined my thought
  2. Being more of a network tech, I've got the windows powertools, Dtaskmanager, netstumbler, 7zip installer, and firefox portable on my primary flash drive. I've found use for Teamviewer though, its handy to just see your computer back at home in under 30 seconds after plugging in. Then I've got another flash drive that for quite a wile had a debian linux boot and go operating system on it... Unfortunetly amature dicking around with it (Slowly recreating every bit of it in my spare time to try to learn it) was its downfall and it no longer boots. I do however still cary it because its got handy compilers and code editor installers on it. Then, thanks to, I've got a nice watch with some memory on it. I astound friends and colleages when I use it for day to day work (Transfer of text files, spreadsheets, and other things one might transfer) as well as several time passing games that allow more then one person on the same keyboard. Recently I've added a few files of the infectious/nefarious type to it due to the repeated use of school computers that failed to give access to the net without administrative use... The next goal I've got will be to split the 8 GB one with the basic linux into two sections and work on getting some proper security on it, or enough to keep out lookyloos at least. I would hate to be the pick pocket who stole my virus installers and thought "Hey, I've always wanted to play doom! Thats a First Person Shooter right?"
  3. Early on my wireless network was Umbrella Satelite Network, and my laptop was Red Queen... Unfortunetly, a bunch of heros came along and killed red queen... Thats what I get for naming it after a computer game that I've never actualy played. Unfortunetly the computer died... later the warenty on the laptop expired, I was free to do my own work. Sabrina was born from the pieces. Named after sabrina the teenage witch, half because I always thought working on it was a witch, half because it was magical the ways a laptop could fail (Perticularly part of the old fan broke off once, found its way through the slots, and shot into my leg to draw blood...) After that I reconfigured the SSID on the wifi with a new router (The old one tended to have fits) to Neutron Star, then Supernova, then finaly for several months black hole, sucking information and trapping it in a cirle around my house. At one point on the old laptop (before it was red queen) I called the wifi card bob, then ted, then finaly D20 (I rolled to see if I could find wireless...) I've thought of naming the printer EARS, but no one got the reference (First printer as far as I know) and I dont use it nearly enough.