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  1. hey mate, im 14 here. Whats up? Anyway, just to let you know, a lot of people will try to kill/rape/give you candy (delete as required), if you brag about illegal/childish things. Thanks anyway, and enjoy learning here!

  2. yeah well i got really far in and am currently helping the idiot that is the sysadmin at my school
  3. i just got my first hack i didnt want to start a new post so yea.. i was at school today and was on the computer when the teacher left. Since it was a mac i could pretty much just use terminal since i know unix so i check the user:lacoelacoe pretty obvious thats the name of the school then i typed passwd and get "Old Passwd:" took a couple guesses but i got it guess what it was.....admin!!! lol anyway since i got home i found other hosts on the netblock with telnet open and default passwords it connects to the routers being a speedstream and a cayman! im still trying to go deeper into the internal network! and at only 14 years old! jk thats not too young!
  4. im going to start learning more in depth networking and programming! i just found a REALLY vuln box!!! freaking awesome! im probably gonna focus on that box for now! lol! passwd was "admin" LOL
  5. ok so i've tried a lot of different linux distros and i've learned a lot. i can easily say im at an intermediate level. now im bored anyone kinow any kool linux projects???
  6. whoa! i didnt read all the post so im just responding to the first post thats cool that you got your lappy back i mean if you had some really confidential stuff on it and the thief knew what was up witht hose files you could have been the one getting owned. dude if i wold have lost my laptop.... idk....i'd freakin go nuts man! lol once again...hacking saves another *not so innocent* hacker! jk
  7. why do you need this??
  8. Ok can anyonje help me with finding out certain things. I want to connect to my own router and find these things: A. access the files on the network B. Route to the computer on that network to see my files C. find out my OS D. find out my current established connections. I really want to learn these things because i feel they will help me learn more about networking and the commands used. I would connect to my router(unprotected? and then how would i aquire these things?? Its a belkin router
  9. i currently installed debian etch. im liking it because its a good mix of what i liked in slack and also the usability such as apt-get[[newb status lol]]. but i think i'll be sticking to it for a while. thanks for all the feedback
  10. cool i'll try it out!
  11. Ok what my title meant was how can I use a proxy from my terminal (i.e. ftp,ssh,etc...) any help is appreciated!
  12. I got a copy yesterday and i've read a couple pages and it seems like a good book to set you on the right path. But honestly, you need to be able to choose the right way to go from it. I am going to start learning python soon. Its a pretty good book.
  13. Ok so im not asking you for the best linux distro out there because that is a matter of preference. But what distro do you use that has good stuff for development, networking, and all around hacking stuff?? also what is your hacking setup???