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  1. pretty nice man!!!
  2. how? details?
  3. quite nice!!!
  4. have you tried it through a content filtering proxy?
  5. quite interesting .....
  6. you can use firestarter, to create easily bridge connections
  7. sounds sooooo stupid
  8. quite nice list thanx
  9. you can find some examples of security policies at SANS, also the security in computing book, of pfleeger & pfleeger has some good references and instructions of how to create a security policy. now that im thinking about it you can find and info about sec_pol at an CISSP book or smth.
  10. avast live cd is quite good but its not free you can use knoppix with fport or fprot as an antivirus
  11. i think that big money come only if you have your own job, of course their are some exceptions but you have to be good in many many things!! personal opinion!
  12. you can easily configure a dns server in any linux distro, and you can install a host based and a network based ids to monitor the network and your machine! a question.....how you know that you will be attacked for 12 hours?
  13. ISP's,at least at the EU except UK, they are not allowed to monitor the web pages that you visit.But they can do that if the police requested it. Now in other countries with different laws i don't know what they do exactly. But just think this, lets say that an isp has 5 million customers...just think about the storing space,bandwidth, etc that are required to do smth like that!!! now as for the proxies... some proxies don't keep logs, at least they say they dont, so you can use one of them......and lets not forget that some web pages are monitored and if you visit them then someone can see that the ip x.x.x.x has visited that page and etc.etc!
  14. actually this is pretty good!!! thanx!!
  15. try to find something to read that really interests you! me too when i find something which i dont like too much is like a chore... but if i find smth that i really like i cant get out of it!!!