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  1. Is it just me or does everyone want to hack a website now. Are we going back to 1995 with the advent of compuserve complementary cd's and AOL cd's inserted in every thing we buy. Must we be spammed with hack a website requests everyday? Are websites the only thing worth hacking? Why don't you hack a website with your mind...... initiate a MCP/IP (Mind Control Protocol)/IP connection and see if you can change the website to your liking. To your eye the website will be hacked to everyone else, life goes on. Otherwise there used to be some educational websites and some security websites, that did some analysis and provided food for thought. Otherwise browse the forums here, I'm sure there are plenty of productive posts, that will inspire you and you may, accumulate the knowledge you are seeking to perform your desired task. Thanks for posting love you!
  2. Camping World says Mobius

  3. Shouldn't my wireless on my iphone be able to recharge my iphone battery? Can't my iphone be solar powered !

  4. Feeling warm when I get near my wireless router "Geiger counter beeping" maybe it's happy

  5. Never had hat issue regarding a white list but these days anything is possible. Although I remember something called project blackbox, but maybe that was a rumor or something, where all the major companies were teaming up and implementing these security measures so that they could have control over every aspect of a machine. Fine I can see windows having a general hardware whitelist and anything else you will need to provide 3rd party drivers as it is now. But blocking at the bios level?? I can see this turning into a black market... we can start selling unlocked HP computers for a 400% markup and throw in a 3 piece ginsu knife set for 19.95. CALL NOW!!!
  6. Welcome to the adventures of BAYOUBILLY **Rocks out to 1st stage music**
  7. Just installed Itunes....... Just remembered why the hell I uninstalled itunes 2 years ago. Uninstalling Itunes.

  8. In the UK here I have just booked my MCSA/MCSE (first exam 720-90) and it cost me £90 so about $170 ish. That gave me a revision book, test cd (useless) and a 6 month trial of Win Server 2003 to practice on. (you can ring MS and blag a full edition quite easily) this is excellent advice, take heed! Make sure you give yourself plenty of time though, I thought I could get through it quite easily but you'll be amazed what there is to learn! Good luck for the future. Yeah man basically if you pull off some certs from the INTARWEBZ study the transcenders and pay attention to the explanations. See this is what I belive.... written in the Book of BayouBilly verse 10 chapter 5 under the "I.T A COMETH" section, knowledge is gained through hard work, money presents itself by having certifications. Therefore.... Get your certifications quickly because they will be valid for a number of years meanwhile you work your ass off to know everything you can pertaining to that cert. Get your knowledge of network infrastructure up and apply for a Job. Now if you have your CERT you can always request that your company send you on a refresher which is always good, shows them you want to keep up to date and fill any gaps or send you on a new certification course to extend your knowledge. Meanwhile try to keep ahead by jumping into various forums such as this one, just so you have some extra info. However..... if you get a job before your cert then that is fine, more than likely they will send you on training. Don't hesitate to ask them about training and don't expect that they must ask you if you want to go on training. Breakdown: ------------------------- Download Ebooks for MCSE and CISCO and whatever you think you are interested in. (For MCSE) Download cert exams study through look at the explanations. Do all 500 questions in the transcenders until you can get 100% scores all of the time. Schedule an exam every 2 weeks if you want or 1 per week for 7 weeks. If you fail an exam do not stop taking them, just reschedule and keep the rhythm going. <---- I should take my own advice here. Friday night..... Eat some pizza dude and relax. Find a job. Get married have babies. Cisco:CCNA Just study up, find some network simulators grab a sybex book and start following the tutorials. Learn to subnet until you can do it in a matter of seconds... It's really easy after you understand the patterns. Write down everything you do in your router so you have some form of reference. Take exam!!!! Friday night...... Eat some pizza dude and relax. Find a job. Get married have babies. JOB: Get job..... beg for training. Get training. Get test certs. Do test certs. Get certified. Get job promotion possibly. Get married have babies. Oh missed the friday line cause FRIDAY night..... you will be in your workplace busting your ass looking at backup servers and wishing you didn't have a phone because your wife is calling and screaming cause the baby that you dreamed about needs diapers and it's 11pm and the backups are failing and a $MFT error just came up on your domain controller and your email server just said $%^& IT!!!!!, your boss is complaining because his blackberry is blue and his calender is not syncing with exchange meanwhile you have glued atleast 5 #$% IT buttons to your keyboard and you click your ruby heels and press all the buttons at the same time wishing you were in college. HAVE A NICE DAY.