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  1. Thanks again. I'll look at it more. Right now it launches off the cmd shell, but closes right away. I'll figure it out. Have you ever played around with getting an entire VM to work through freecap/tor? Say add all the VM services, and startup exes to freecap and then everything you do inside the VM should automatically be protected. Seems like if it worked it would make things infinitively easier.
  2. I haved used online courses for the topic of network security/hacking, I've found cbtnuggets to be good for other topics. I've never been a fan of learnkey.;category_id=36
  3. Thanks. That's a good point. So you've found FreeCap to be reliable enough? Any hints on getting a command prompt(cmd.exe) to work through it?
  4. I'm wondering what everyone uses to avoid being tracked down. Obviously I doubt anyone here hacks from their own internet connection, but apart from using another internet connection, what else do you do? Do you have a compromised box you connect to and hack from? Do you hack through proxies? Any other ways? For people with a compromised box on another network somewhere, how did you do it? A simple trojan/vnc/TS/etc on someones computer, or did you modify a linksys/pda/etc and plant it somewhere? For people who hack through proxies, any details? I've been playing with using "SocksChain" to link socks proxies together, and the using "FreeCap" to force apps to route their traffic through SockChain. It *works*, but I'm not sold on it. I tried using IE through it just as a test, and it worked like gold. I then tried Firefox and without warning it just bypassed the proxies and went out my own connection. Not good. There has to be a better way. Lastly, has anyone played around with using something like a FreeCap type program to force an entire VMware computer through proxies so that you don't have to worry about making sure each app goes through the proxy right, you just boot your VM and you're good? If it's possible, it would make life a lot easier. Thanks
  5. Sounds like it could be a cool idea assuming it's more than either: A. a bunch of simple exploitable hosts B. a host that's locked down solid. I would say a few hosts with exploits on the internet, and have them on a domain with subnets, etc.
  6. I actually read about this in the paper. I haven't tried it myself yet. So assuming it works, the next question is can it be exploited? How many codes do car makers use and how fast can they be cycled through.