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  1. Ok phreakers here's my question I have been offered an unlocked Ericsson T28Z. Questions. How many bands does this phone support? Will it work in Germany? Who's a good provider of pre-paid sims in the US? Who's a good provider of pre-paid sims for the rest of the world? What else should I know before I buy? You guys are the best!
  2. I have WBCQ in my radio memory. While, I don't get good reception on 11175 I do listen to AFRTS on 7811 USB and I love listening to HAMS in 10m SSB. Nice rig, if you're going to replace it with the Collins, ever think about selling it?
  3. DVD Decrypter + DVD Shrink = WIN Read:
  4. Very cool, I think that I'm starting to get to the point where I'm going to get my first tabletop radio. There are a lot of stations that I can hear but I can't understand. I've got a decent outside antenna that connects to the YB but I think that I'm going to need something more beefy to get to the next level, esp with the way SW stations have been disappearing. Any favorite stations or frequencies? I still enjoy listening to the BBC World Service, even though it's not sent directly to the US, you can still hear it at 2100UTC at 9525, which is the broadcast to the Caribbean.
  5. I too have always had luck with Boot and Nuke.
  6. I've always found AM DXing fun since I live in a place where I can get both NYC and Chicago AM Stations but nothing compares to listening to the evening news from Radio Havana Cuba. What type of radio/kit do you use? I've got a Grunding YB400 PE, it's an awesome little radio.
  7. Any one here listen to shortwave radio? If so, I'd like to start a SW/DXing thread.
  8. Eater of PIE! Who's your ISP, and what method are you using to download, i.e., bit torrent, ftp, etc... Just curious.
  9. Anyone know where I can get the file that details how to hack a cell phone headset and connect it to the input and outputs of an audio mixer? I used to have this file someplace and now I can't find it. I've searched these forums and Google to no avail. Any help will be appreciated!
  10. It's the uninstall information for Kb article 916281. It looks like it was a security update for internet explorer. You can read more info here --Hope this helps!
  11. i really dont see whats wrong with keylogging. like bizurke said he wants to know what people are doing with his computers. i think its his right as it is mine to know what people are doing on hardware that we paid for. im not talking about keylogging peoples bank account numbers and passwords for malicious purposes. but i still like to know whats going on around me and if that means i gotta spy on people to do it then so be it. There is nothing inherently wrong with key logging. However, whether or not you have the "right" to do it is irrelevant. I don't understand why we Americans think we always have the "right" to do things. Especially things that blatantly disregard someone else's "right" to privacy. But I digress. I thought this was a discussion on the technical aspects of key logging. If I made it personal, I apologize.
  12. These types of key loggers are slowly going the way of the dinosaur, a lot of the new machines that I'm running into have USB keyboards. Here's a USB logger yes i agree with you ps2 is dead but many computers still have them. even if you are using a usb keyboard you could still use a usb to ps2 adapter to monitor what people are doing on your own computer. thiisnt really a method fo logging keystrokes on lots of computers that you run into but more of a solution for computers that you have regular physical access to. such as your own computers. but yes i think the usb keylogger is better. i just havent upgraded yet. DO you enjoy spying on your family and friends? People use my machines because they know they are secure.
  13. These types of key loggers are slowly going the way of the dinosaur, a lot of the new machines that I'm running into have USB keyboards. Here's a USB logger
  14. Here's my opinion on the subject. There is quite a difference between learning a programming language and learning how to be a programmer. You should study the basics of logic, what makes good code, and good programming practices. I can go to Lowe's and buy some wood and nails, hammer it together and call it a house. It might keep my ass dry, but it doesn't make me a carpenter. When I learned how to code, I was in high school. We learned how to create variables, run loops, and we programmed little games. It was fun and I learned the basics of a programming language, in my case PASCAL. When I went to college, I studied Software Engineering. I thought I was a good programmer because I could get the computer to do what I wanted it to. I soon realized that "just getting it to run" did not a good programmer make. You need to understand the philosophy of software design to be a good developer. Why am I preaching? Well, I want everyone who is interested in learning how to be a programmer to realize that it's just not about "getting it to run". It feels really fucking good when you pull a great hack and write a clutch piece of code. It feels 100x better when your peers respect you for being a good developer. Good Luck!
  15. Hopefully its more than 2 and a half hours of Emmanuel and his friends going to Defcon. AHHHHH SNAP!